Readings & Sessions with Holly

Holly Burger - Lightworkers Alliance



You may choose to visit Holly at her barn in Colorado or work over the phone. Holly is open to new ideas or choose from the following:


  • reading (may include any of the following: clearing, prayer, healing, past-life regression, channeling)

  • channel lesson (expanding your ability to communicate with your guidance)

  • interactive session (slowing down the information for integration and discussion time)


Explore the following pages to learn more about Holly’s work. If you would like a reading, or have questions contact Holly: holly( at )


How/what do you ask Spirit? (click here)

Your Path is Under Your Feet (blog-read it!)

Free Meditations!

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Please call or email Holly to schedule an appointment:

303-956-0334 or holly(at)

All sessions are digitally recorded and available on CD. Please prepare by writing your questions and intentions before session. Phone clients also prepare by creating a safe and quiet place for relaxation and communication. The average reading in 60+ minutes. You may book a shorter session, prices are adjusted.

Please call Holly to learn about sliding scale. You may pay by check, cash or credit card with secure on-line payment via



What people are saying:

The sessions I experienced with Holly were deeply transformational. A part of myself I did not know existed was revealed. With her help, I was able to move forward in my life in a way that was previously inaccessible. Her expansive knowledge and dedication to light work awakened a part of me that was long buried under the pressures and responsibilities of the physical realm. I highly recommend her readings, workshops, and classes.

Dear Holly, Thank so much for your help & guidance through a very difficult time for myself and for my family. The clarification you brought really helped me and my mom process through some challenging issues. I love you as both a friend and teacher. Blessings! AMB