Living Life as an Empath

The best part of being an empath is finding out that you have a gift. The reason we suffer as empaths is that we don’t know how to handle it. Step one of life as a living empath: Learn to handle it. Learn tricks and tools and ideas. Recognize that sensitivity is a gift and that you are gifted. (Holly Burger, 2013) . . . → Read More: Living Life as an Empath

Aligning in Community



Dear Lightworkers,

Many of us are gathering in groups, forming communities, and connecting. The following was written for a community gathering in 2009. I feel it as a prayer, words bringing forth energy that expands to Source and grounds to Earth, but it is written as a visualization.

Feel free to alter, change . . . → Read More: Aligning in Community

Connect With High Self Meditation

Deeply connect with mother Earth during this guided meditation by Holly Burger of After grounding you will reach high above with your core energy to connect with your High Self. Imagine clearing and healing in a short meditation while sitting comfortably in a chair! This is a freeeeeee meditation, just for you and your . . . → Read More: Connect With High Self Meditation

Expanding Light as a Lightworker Meditation

As lightworkers, we are in constant need of grounding. Each day we integrate new energies that dance around our upper chakras. This guided meditation was recorded on November 6th, 2011 by Holly Burger of Lightworkers Alliance and lasts 42 minutes. It is a freeee (wowza!) channeled meditation that includes information and energy alignments to . . . → Read More: Expanding Light as a Lightworker Meditation

Time Management Guided Meditation

In thirty-five minutes, you will be able to center, ground, connect to your guides, balance your chakras and bliss out. On March 11th, 2012, Holly Burger of led a guided meditation to support you in managing time. This is a free recording! Time management is not about being early or late, it’s about living . . . → Read More: Time Management Guided Meditation

It’s here, the year 2012!

It’s 2012. We’ve been talking about it for so long I nearly forgot it was another year in my life. I once heard (in a movie) that a man gave away his farm. He believed that the end of the world was coming, why own land? It was the late 1800’s. When the world continued . . . → Read More: It’s here, the year 2012!

Forgive & Empower Meditation 9-11-11

This is a live, unedited recording of Holly during a Free Sunday Morning Meditation. Take some time with this meditation, it’s 42 minutes of centering, healing, releasing, clearing, transmuting and forgiving. You will end breathing easier, relaxed and ready to stroll into life without anger, regret or judgment. Holly begins this meditation by setting sacred . . . → Read More: Forgive & Empower Meditation 9-11-11

Be Present With Your Presence

Recent discord in my outside world weighs upon me significantly. Osama Bin Laden is, apparently, dead. I watched as people all over our planet celebrated. I felt confused. When I came upon these words from Martin Luther King, Jr. I posted them on my page:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, . . . → Read More: Be Present With Your Presence

Full Moon = Full Experience

Did you feel the very powerful full moon last Saturday? I spent the day ‘relaxing’ in an emergency room with a friend who had broken ribs. The hardest part was stifling my humor; it hurt my friend to laugh. Stress always makes me want to say funny things. Maybe I should say stress makes me . . . → Read More: Full Moon = Full Experience