Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

A new prayer came through in a recent meditation. It is called Prayer for Freedom from Trespass. When clients have issues with sexual abuse, the guides often use the term “trespassing” or “trespasses”. It can apply to an energy breach from something that seems benign like yelling or a very serious issue of abuse. People who are energy sensitive can feel trespassed upon easily. The result is often debilitating.

In recent news, we have a media magnifying glass searching for sexual trespassers. Facebook has a campaign where people post #metoo. This prayer is for each of you who have been trespassed upon no matter how small the trespass. We are affected by words. If you are extremely sensitive, you might even be affected by thoughts. Those who have serious abuse, please use this prayer but seek professional help, as well. We are not here to fight our battles alone. We are here to band together as Light embodied and battle the darkness that creates opportunities for these happenings.

Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is, I call forth to the highest frequencies of Christ Consciousness Light to assist me. It is my intention to fully embody my Divine Light.

I ask for healing concerning openings, portals, windows, cracks, doors, holes, gaps, slips, gates or any way that aggressive or predatory energy can enter my reality. Please heal any opening in any area or any body that allows me to be sexually trespassed upon. Please see that I am protected and disconnected from these energies no matter what their resource: human, ethereal or otherwise through all time, space and dimension.

I banish any connection from my past that allows further contact of these energies. I heal low self-esteem and negative hierarchal mentalities that involve persecution or enslavement. My empowerment is mine, now.

My guidance and intuition will guide me to be safe in all situations. From this moment forward I am living my truth as the Light that I Am. I embrace myself as healed and released from potential harm.

Thank you and Amen.





Deepening My Gratitudes

While working with a client last week, I learned something that has spurred many thoughts about the way I express gratitude. I have worked with this client, let’s call her Rose, since 2005. Rose attends a meditation group to support her practice. A member of that group suggested a gratitude exercise. Rose felt resistance.

Why would a seasoned lightworker, an educated mind, a consciousness practicing, integral being resist a simple gratitude list?

Rose considered her this and asked, “Do I not want to be happy? Is that why I don’t want to do this?” I wondered the same thing. Had Rose finally found a seed of unhappiness rooted in the resistance of gratitude? Fortunately, the guides came in to straighten us out.

They explained something that is still echoing in my head. But first, I would like to share part of my gratitude practice. As many of you know, I use Ho’oponopono. Bi-weekly I “clean” via conference call with two lovely ladies. We have done this for about ten years. It works like this, if drivers are cutting you off frequently you might clean on, “Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to anytime I cut someone off in traffic.” The focus, always in first person, stays on the negative—as that is what is needing to be cleaned. During the span of deepening our practice, we added gratitude to complement our subject, “I am grateful for peaceful driving experiences.” It feels wonderful to enhance the clearing process by affirming what is desired. You likely know that the sub-conscious overlooks negative words like not, no, don’t, etc. If you say: “I don’t want traffic”, the subconscious hears “I want traffic.” By affirming what you actually want, you truly speak to your subconscious and therefore are a more empowered creator.

After years of living Ho’oponopono/Gratitude, studying the Universal gratitude vacuum and practicing until I could roll off a list of gratitudes like a drill sergeant just barked the command, I have learned something new. Here it is:

Speaking what you think you should be grateful for isn’t enough. So when I say, “I am grateful for the trees, sky, seasons, sun, planet, friends, family, pets, love, light, guides, Creator, excellent health, water, animals, money, clients, kindness, income, home, shelter, warm blankets, clothing, food, fruit, utensils, pens, paper, art supplies, scissors, phones, cars, transportation, tools…” it does not have the effect of what you will learn next.

What the guides taught Rose, and me, is that we can use gratitude like a can-opener. First, you must find what aggravates you. What’s bothering you? In the same way that gratitude balances Ho’oponopono, it can unearth what you really want.  For instance, Rose was annoyed by the person in her meditation class suggesting a surface gratitude list. One might call it fluff. She was not challenged. Rose said, “I think she has an incredible observation of the obvious.”

Let’s dig. Who is annoying you? Why is that person attempting to do? Look good or get credit? Feel like he/she brought some light into the group? Be recognized? Or possibly it is to enhance where they feel weak? Or… possibly it’s a covert weakness about where they think you are weak…?

If we ignore aggravations and annoyances, we are side-stepping our teachers. Somewhere inside each of us we host a master teacher called the sub-conscious. This master creator might actually be participating in the design of an annoying circumstance. Possibly, Rose wanted to be aggravated so she could increase her gratitude consciousness.

Far-fetched? Maybe, but you won’t know unless you try. I challenge you in this way:

  1. Make a show-off list of gratitudes. Don’t hold back. Brag, boast, tell it all and in a way that says you are grateful for the mastermind you truly are. Make a list of celebrations, accomplishments and achievements. Write gratitudes for your education (formal and otherwise), travel, where you have lived, how many children/divorces/jobs/illnesses you have survived. Things you have conquered/climbed/purged/learned. Go deep.
  2. Make an anger list. If you go light, complain about why mosquitoes exist, you won’t get the full benefit of this. Hunt for your inner-most deviations from Light. What makes you curse? Who do you strongly dislike… or… hate? Your fears are lurking just behind those hates, so find them.
  3. Now make another list, one that compliments the anger by expressing what you want via gratitude. For instance: “I cannot stand loud talkers. They frustrate me and I want to strangle them.” (See how nice it is to dive. The deeper you go, the more you clear.) Now, what would be a nice gratitude to compliment severe craziness when people talk too loud? Maybe: I am completely at peace when my ears adjust everything I hear so that I am comfortable. Or: I am grateful for everyone that cares about how their voice impacts my ears. That would be a good start, but why not dig even deeper. Why do loud voices bother you? Did your father yell? Were teachers mean? Did you damage your ears with loud music?
  4. Getting deeper with our example. The only way to see if this works for you is to sit down and do it. I have had phenomenal results. Enough that I am writing a blog about it. Here is a possible list for deepening.
    I am grateful:
    -that I recognize what annoys me.
    -for anytime I allow noise to correlate with old pain so that I can heal the issue and be free of the side effect.
    -for my ability to hear what is happening, to listen with my ears, body and mind.
    -for the person talking so loud that I have to face this issue and the opportunity to heal it.

Digging, diving deep. That is the theme for this time as we transition into 2018. If you would like to download the Expanding Gratitude Practice Journal, a seven-page Word document, please click the following link. This is a completely free gift for you.


I wish all of you a heartfelt, full, engaging journey over Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

With much love,



PS: I would love to hear about your journey with this technique. Respond here, text, call or email. <3




Eclipse Energy 2017

Hello Dear Ones!

If you made a list of every type of energy reaction, that would be what I have heard about eclipse energy. My guides gave one of my classes a message about the coming Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Their words were not what I expected:

-some of us are holding the doors open for others, if you think you are in that group consider yourself working on and before the eclipse so much that you may need a break

-on the day of the eclipse, do something normal: write what you like about yourself, think about your grounding cord, do a light raising

-old paradigms will be leaving during this opportune time, you may feel significant energy shifts for days before and after the eclipse

-you’re holding a wonderful frequency of Light, please know that your (light) work is appreciated, it echoes through the ethers 

-what helps you be spiritual is to love what you are doing, there is no Divine recipe to enhance your frequency, love is the quickest way

And the final message:

“From the time you awaken on this planet you are taught not to love yourself. You don’t need to lose weight or get shorter or taller, drive a specific car or do anything for us to love you. We love you because you are a cellular replication of the I Am Presence.”

Wow. This message hit a bulls-eye on my forehead! In my heart, I feel the appropriateness of being still and using skills I have learned over the past twenty years so that I remain grounded.

You may feel like you are on a path of learning, that you need to find something, become better. Maybe meditate more, live healthier, make better choices. Even if all of those statements are true, they are not your Truth.

Your Truth is that you are a beloved aspect of Christ Consciousness Light.

You have accomplished and learned lessons that make you an important part of future Earth. Your work may be to find stillness and sit. Appreciate every mountain you have climbed, every rock you have clung to in desperation while old ideas released. Remember when you cleaned up family dynamics? Or you loved someone through their process?

The opportunity on Monday (plus or minus) is to stop your agenda for a few days. Play with the idea that you are finished, complete and it’s time to reflect. For just a moment push aside want and bask in the glow of what you are now.

Feel the accomplishment of how you created such a beautiful being.

If you find difficulty doing this, here is a task: Ask someone to help. A friend or family member can remind you of your charms, good deeds and hard work. (If they don’t, just look for another person. Some may not be able to join the love at this time. Hold the door for them, they will get there.)

We have a grand opportunity here, and I know you are up for the task.

It is time to ignore advertising and suggestions that you need to change. Bow down before the proverbial mirror, Divine Being. For you are the essence of Light you have been searching for.

Blessing to you,



Blog Post about the “proverbial mirror“:

(Credit to for taking such wonderful notes. Thank you!)





Healer … Healing Thyself (Divine Accordance Excerpt p. 216)

On page 216 of Divine Accordance, I write about balance between mind and ego. Spirit says, “Now is the time to bow down before the proverbial mirror.”  The first time I heard this, I was trying to express humble gratitude to my guides. They would bow to me when I bowed to them. It seemed as if they would not accept my appreciation, my respect.

I learned (not quite as fast as I would have liked) that I could not love them, or anyone, more than I loved mySelf. Love is not a pine-cone from a tree. I can’t pick it up and give it to them. Nor is it a precious ruby that I saved years for, a coveted/valuable item that I can present to prove my devotion and service.

No, love isn’t what I thought it was.



Healer, Love Thyself Enough to Want to Heal Thyself

This chapter could have come with warning label. Something akin to, “Your Surgeon General has determined that reading prayers and processing through healing may be dangerous to your ego’s controlling health.”

When we are out of balance, our ego/mental bodies love to snatch up the reigns and take over our lives. This is not the time to hate. Love that enormous ego to pieces. Love it; appreciate it; tell it that it’s smart and resourceful. Because it is. Tell your ego that you won’t live without it, but that you crave balance. Make up jobs for your ego, like choosing healthy foods or balancing your checkbook. Your mental body is an innate part of your being: a blessed, beautiful part of you.

Now is the time to bow down before the proverbial mirror. Ask yourself if you can allow frequencies of self-love and understanding to be the guardians of your judgment. Even though it’s not easy to control the negative voice inside, have patience and faith. You may have issues to process. Through our DNA; we are genetically connected to all past relations. We also work through archetypal influences, which are our past lives, and guess where that information is held? In our DNA. That means you are not only connected to your blood relations, you are scientifically encoded to everyone. You were born with genetic and archetypal connections waiting for a high enough frequency to begin healing. These are known as codes of light. I read a great book called The Lineage of the Codes of Light[1] that helped me understand what I can do to heal my lineage.

Processing, clearing and healing can be done regardless of dimension or time. That is why Lightworkers find such difficulty working through their issues. Imagine your guides saying, “You are dealing with rejection in your life right now. Do you mind if we add rejection from a few past lives and have a thread of it carried through from your mother’s family?” Face it, if you are clearing and doing your own personal Lightwork, you are working hard. At the spiritual buffet, two distant relatives just gave you their helping of say… misogyny, and now you’re the healer everyone relies on to get the job done. (Women can carry misogyny, it’s in the DNA.) Similar to when you need three items from the store and you come home with two full bags; some jobs grow as we attempt them. But guess what? You can do it, I know you can.

Even at your clearest, most centered moment, you will probably have flashes of judgment; and sometimes that is good. We use judgment every day, however, it can be helpful when done with love. Don’t you judge when to involve yourself in a conversation? Or when you decide which road to take on your way to work? I refer to this type of judgment as assessment; a talent we want to keep. The berating, belittling voice is what needs to be stifled. It’s time for all of us to be free of negative judgment, especially self-judgment. This is a helpful analogy, which came through for a client, “Pretend you have an Angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are both talking to you. Knock the little devil off.”

To whom would you rather listen—your inner hater or your inner lover? Pick love! We are on an astounding, wonderful, guided, spiritual path. And each of us, through our personal trials and tribulations, has covered some ground. However, until it’s all about love, we will keep learning how to honor and appreciate ourselves until we wake up one morning, bow before the mirror, kneel before poverty and serve our peers; which, don’t forget, are us. We are One.

Imagine a world of self-love. Could you be an example of perfection in every evolving moment? Our next prayer is part of the evolution of self-love, heart-centeredness and Divine knowing. Use it often.


Appreciate Self Prayer

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; show me the way to self-appreciation. I ask for assistance in seeing and understanding my value. As I walk this path of learning that I Am, please help me to release anything in the way. Please show me where I shine and how I Am an aspect of the Divine Force that holds all. As I Am in service to the Light, help me to feel forgiveness when I am harsh to others or myself. Please assist this release on all levels, through all time and space.

Thank you and Amen.



[1] Jessie Ayani writes incredible books about Light. The Lineage of the Codes of Light, Heart of the Sun, 1998. Also recommended, Brotherhood of the Magi, Heart of the Sun, 2002.

(If you feel moved to share this, please do so in its complete from, thank you.)




Feeling Stressed? Read this…

I feel so…










What else? And then there’s the more important question: why? If you have exhausted your resources and continue to feel bad, maybe there’s a spiritual reason. There was for me. My book Divine Accordance is a 300-page, completely thorough resource for how I healed and opened to receive communication from my guides. But I don’t want you to suffer, so here are some tried and true things you can do to make life feel better:

  1. If you have a medical issue, don’t give up. Ask another doc. Find the person to help you, don’t let one answer stop you from asking questions. I was given a terrible (and terminal) diagnosis by a rheumatologist. Thank goodness I decided to find a specialist. He told me that your blood can say many things, they don’t always manifest. Guess what happened after that? I became dead (lol…) set against having said disease. I empowered myself to get help, any help I could find. The diagnosis was reversed, symptoms are managed and better.
  2. There is a reason many of us are tired. We work in the ethers all night. That should give us deep sleep, but sometimes it activates adrenalin. This is not medical information, this is what happens to me and many people I know. If you are out of balance with adrenalin, your endocrine system suffers. Search it on the internet and find some suggestions that resonate. I found a DC that carried a cream I used for years. Then I switched to OTC herbal remedies. My nervous system seems to get activated easily, so I am always open to information on how to settle down. Especially when concerning…
  3. Grounding. What? That over-used, possibly annoying idea/word that never seems to leave? Yes, grounding is like your ten-times dead aunt haunting her mansion, looking for the hidden jewels. You’re the mansion. Why ground? Because I said so. Oops, that doesn’t work, does it? Or you would be totally grounded right now. And you’re not. How do I know this? Because once you get “totally” grounded, you will receive another nice gift of energy from your guides. And then THAT needs to be grounded. You are a conduit for Light. You didn’t come here to lollygag around, you have a purpose and much of it involves getting Light into this incredible planet. Ground, it will only serve you. There is no reason to resist, it serves your highest purpose and has many benefits.
  4. You are what you eat. That old saying, huh. I am a piece of bologna? No, you are nitrates, processed strange meat parts and plastic. Don’t eat bologna unless you know what every ingredient is. I know it’s hard. It took me time to get off soda, white sugar, processed food, nitrates, etc. But every move toward caring for your temple/body is a move to nurture and improve. If you want to compare restrictive diets, don’t call me. After allergy tests, (LAc & MD) I had to go off fifteen or so foods. I do not eat garlic. Garlic, people! It’s in everything. I am gluten free (inherited, dang it), corn free (I bloat up and suffer), rice free (allergic) and that is just the beginning. Is this due to Lightwork? I have no idea, I know I was born sensitive, but apparently I also had some incident damage my ability to digest. (Possibly consuming US wheat for so long, but don’t get me started…) Regardless, if you have complaints, start a food diary and see if you wake puffy or tired every time you eat ______. Serve your body with nutrition, not processed crap. Please. For the love of everything holy.
  5. No man/woman is an island. You don’t have to do everything alone. You are not on a solo journey to an uninhabited planet. Get it? No? That’s okay, I can be blunt. You. Need. Help. Everyone does. Stop trying to help others when your needs are screaming. Start your list of supporters, make it long and detailed. Include free help, people who will trade something, cheap help and then the totally worth it places you will spend your hard-earned cash. My list includes: friends who listen, lots of people who like to trade Lightwork, massage therapists (from specialized to Relaxing Station where I can pop in for $20), energy workers, Reiki givers, more friends, websites with helpful blogs, people who work magic, books, readers/psychics, meditation, music, places with water and lots more. Please don’t try to do this life-thing alone.
  6. Lastly, am likely most importantly… I want you to wake up. I want you to get who you are. I want you to love that amazing being in you that came here to anchor Light. I didn’t love myself for so long, and I might even admit that I still have some work to do in that area. But—there is no way on Earth I am giving self-hatred to any dark force to use against me. (Read that again.) Self-hatred is fodder for negativity. Let’s just say you wanted to take down a BIG energy. Wouldn’t you look for its weak spot? Listen to its darkest worries? We must stop belittling ourselves. We are not short, tall, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly beings. We are humans. We are beautiful to the beholder. Look for the beholder within. If you search in the depths of your consciousness you won’t find the haters. You will find love. It lurks under the worry about how things look, it never remembers humiliation and always tries again. Love, truest love, is unconditional. If you don’t know this place, you might want to make it a goal. Top of the bucket list: Find my unconditionally loving true self. And PS: when you find it, go to the mirror and say, “Hello, Goddess.”


All writing on this website is by Holly Burger,
unless otherwise stated. Please share with
credits, honor copyrights and love one another.


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When Planets are in Retrograde You Can Prevail!

Three or four times per year we experience Mercury Retrograde. If you have ever pulled up to a stop light and thought the car in the next lane was rolling backward, that is what Mercury does. It appears to move backward.

The context is that while Mercury is not really moving backward, we begin to get confused. Planets orbit our Sun, pulled by gravity. Each planet pulls as well. Everything held in a gravitational orbit affects its surroundings.

You, dear Lightworkers, are mostly water. Guess what happens when there is a full moon? Or a planet swings around to a certain place? We are affected. So here you are, innocently living your Lightworking life, when something pulls. Mercury pulls you and now… Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto pull you. Yes, five planets will be in retrograde this month.

When I asked my guides what it’s like for people right now, I felt like I was walking with concrete shoes. Suddenly, I couldn’t move fast. My feet were so heavy that I was easily thrown off balance. I asked, what can I do? The message I received showed me that it was not the weight of concrete shoes causing me to lose balance, it was moving forward with indecision.

If we take a moment to breathe into the present time, we can center our energy lower. We can ground and connect with the core of Earth. You must do this. If you want to feel more control over the four bodies you were blessed with for this incarnation, ground, connect to Mother Gaia and get in sync with your life path.

People are feeling their spiritual bodies. We are tuning into psychic connection, hearing, seeing and more. You are likely on a path of opening your personal toolbox of spiritual gifts. Please remember that ether gifts do not serve us until they are grounded into the planet. Here is why: Each of us chose to do something here. That choice comes with supplies and information. It may appear that those things are on the upper shelf of the library and you have to climb up to get them, but that is not the case. Sit down and ask for all that you need to be given to you.

Find a chair in your ethereal library, sit and ask for what you want. Ground, let your Divine Knowledge flow through you and into Earth. You are here to heal things. Things like you, and Earth, and the multitudes of wrong. Give your Light and love to Gaia. Be the Lightworker you were born to be and through that dedication you will find that Mercury is a reminder to be thoughtful instead of a threat of disaster.

Grounding, that over-used/possibly-annoying word is the mother of your destiny. Learn how electricity needs to be grounded and you might see that your vibrant energy needs the same. We stabilize when we ground. If you are blessed with a spiritual integration, grounding the energy is how you keep it. Don’t let the gifts, your Divine Gifts, dance around your upper chakras and then retreat to the ethers. Grab those books from the top shelf by sitting down and pulling them to you. Send your gifts/wisdom/innate-knowledge down to the core and then bask in the massive Pillar of Light that you are.

You’re amazing. Concrete shoes are like feathers on your ethereal feet.

And Mercury, he’s just a round friend reminding you to check things twice, smile kindly and carry on.

Blessings to you on your spiritual road,




PS: From my book Divine Accordance:


Vertical Alignment Prayer

Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels, I am loved.

Please assist me, help me connect with my High-Self and the I Am Presence.

I am One with Divine Light.

Please assist me further, help me ground and connect with Gaia and Earth in the most appropriate way.

I am One with my planet, Earth, Gaia.

As a physical conduit, in service to the Divine, I am a Pillar of Light between Gaia and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.

Excerpt from Divine Accordance, Holly Burger,




Spiritually Managing Political Views

You have likely heard me mention my practice of Ho’oponopono. In short, it is a Hawaiian technique to clear negative energy. For more than ten years I have used this technique personally and practiced twice monthly with two friends via conference call. What makes Ho’op (as my friends and I call it) unique, is that you clear only yourself and you work only with Creator; in Ho’op speak: Divinity. Ho’oponopono people call it “cleaning”.

If someone hits you and you want to clear aggression, you would clean like this: Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry for anytime I hit or express aggression with violence.

There is no one else to clear, just you. A prominent saying in Ho’op is, “Peace begins with me.” With Ho’oponopono, you bypass the ego and any affect the outside world has upon you. One takes full responsibility for creation. All creation, every single thing that you see, feel or hear.

The ability to work with this technique did not come to me easily. I struggled with thoughts about being responsible for sex slaves, rape, murder and starvation. Early on, I was inundated with emotion to the point of incapacitation. I couldn’t move, I could only cry and feel. When I was strong enough, I lifted myself above the blanket of empathy and feeling. I decided that I wouldn’t get stuck when I could be doing.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to anytime I have raped someone, in this lifetime or any other.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to anytime I have hurt anyone or taken another life.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to anytime I have withheld food from anyone or participated in causing starvation.

Ho’oponopono is not easy. It’s hard to always say I am the cause. As much as spiritual people practice not being victims, it is nearly impossible to avoid thinking that things happen to us.

During my last Ho’op call, my cleaning pals told me, “Blog about that.” I said:

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to feeling alone in a battle against hate, fear, loss of integrity, missing truth, corruption, control, emotional bankruptcy and physical bankruptcy.

It seems fitting at add gratitude to such complaints. So my Ho’op friends and I add a gratitude list either at the end or after each statement. Here I added:

I am grateful for spiritual awareness and tools. I am especially grateful for tools against evil—the ability to ignore the “wagging dog” and the puppets. I am also grateful for patience during change.


I am a practicing member of the almighty Facebook. I see the memes, complaints, venting. I read both sides of anger, accusations and projection. Also, I pay attention to what Spiritual Guides tell people during sessions. I have never found an Ascended Master, Archangel or guide of any type to have a political view. Here are some things people have been told when they ask about politics:

-If you wish for the highest and best decisions, send Light to the Oval Office through the Divine Light of the I Am Presence.

-Everything happening right now has a reason that you will know in the future.

-The ego system of one person has more affect upon you that it does your country. Be guarded about using hatred as a tool, it does not have the impact you desire.

-There are those that stand and use their voice and those that use energy. Knowing who you are and how to use your tools is imperative for the balance you desire.

-There is polarity imposed upon your nation. By participating in this polarity, you enable the controlling factors free reign over you. If you wish to prevent this, stop looking left and right, look up and become aware. Sometimes, being seen is the first step to exposure.

-Negativity is its own breakfast.

-Loving one and other has a much higher impact than hating. You may hate an action, but be careful where you place the weapon of hate. It is like housing a skunk, the stench remains long after the animal has vacated.

It is the same message over and over, with no bias. No support for either political party. Each being, even someone dark and malicious is seen as redeemable and a child of the Light. Spiritual beings forgive and offer the opportunity to change. Imagine if we all prayed for angels to whisper to every politician, “Choose for the highest outcome.” That, or something better, through the Divine Light of the I Am Presence. Thank you and Amen.

In service,



PS: I am, in my truth, a passive political participant. I don’t shout, profess, encourage or plead my beliefs upon anyone. However, there are those that do and this writing does not claim that someone who feels called to take action shouldn’t. By all means, follow your path. Follow your heart and truth. Just please, take your guides with you. Talk to the people that will listen. Postulating is effective to the proper audience, and in that way you can gain momentum for your vision of a better future.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to when I complain with an energy equal to the hatred I witness.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to when I add to the problem because I am angry.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to when I assume the person who caused a problem can’t fix it.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to when I make decisions that hurt others.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to when I project and blame anyone for the world I live in when I know I am a Divine Creator and the change I want begins with me.

Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry to anytime I forget that I am a powerful manifestor and I can make positive changes in a positive way.


(Feel free to share this, or any lightBLOG by Holly Burger with credits included. Thank you.)





Divinely Published, Part One

I think I live a spiritual life. However, there are those times when I feel dense. Like I don’t know what I do/who I am. When I look around and say, “Why did that just happen?”

A few days ago, something strange occurred. You likely know that I have spent the past year+ on self-publishing. After research I chose to use Amazon’s service, CreateSpace. There is such a huge learning curve, and I would never have taken it on if I had known.

You can write and edit a manuscript, which is an accomplishment by itself. Then add in alignment and margins for a bound book, page breaks vs. section breaks, page numbers on the outside corners, headers, title pages, the exact file type, table of contents, (breath, breath) and an index! Wait, I forgot the cover and cover copy! I had to choose the correct font for my publishers printing. Authors need bios, summaries, descriptions. There are ISBN registrations and legal documentation for profit.

And just when you have all that done, you upload your work and check it page by page for spacing errors. My computer is not intimate with my publishers system. They had to court each other over months of corrections, re-uploads and three hard-copy, paperback proofs.

Printers aren’t cognizant. They don’t cough gently when alignment is off. So I had to redo my covers just in case. It is complicated, hard, crazy and wild. Would I do it again? Yes! I learned too much to let it go now.

Maybe I was feeling full of myself.

I could have been tired. Or spaced out.

Whatever it was, I “accidentally” published my book.


The crux is that there are benefits you lose if you un-publish or pause the publishing. So after I “accidentally” hit a button that literally said “Publish My Book” I sat staring at my computer wondering how the heck that just happened. I just published Divine Accordance E-Book. After working on it for TEN YEARS. Or fourteen years, if you count channeling all the prayers. Luckily, I put in a publishing date of May 2nd, so officially it’s in “Pre-Purchase”. Thank goodness for that, because Amazon rates its authors on the first week of sales.

Then, two days later, I am working on the same kind of details for Pocket Prayer Book. What did I do? THE SAME THING. Seriously! How? I mean… HOW???!!! The second time I did it for the paperback version of PPB, which isn’t even proofed.

Who, other than me, is laughing?

When I emailed some friends about the craziness of this, two wrote back, “Not an accident, divine accordance.”

Oh. Okay. So I’m published. In the weirdest way possible.

And I made an author bio. (Links below.) I am surrendering to this crazy/new/Divine plan! If you have read PPB over the years and feel moved to right a review, I would love/appreciate/be grateful for your heartfelt words.

There are so many of you that have held energy for Pocket Prayer Book. I thank you, from every fiber of my being, I thank you.

Loving the bumpy road,

Holly (published author!)


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Valentine’s Day, What is it?


For years, like many romantics, I waited for that special day when I would receive gifts of love and feel cherished. It would be a moment above all others, one where nothing would interfere with the undying love someone had for me. The presents would be perfect. Chocolates, champagne, a foot massage. Maybe tickets to a play? Hours of lovemaking? Maid service for a year? A magic wand that banished self-loathing thoughts?

When those things did not happen I had to ask myself a very real question. Was I not loved? Didn’t “he” understand the “holiday”? What was wrong?

After a few years of examination, I decided that the questions where the problem. Of course, I was loved. However, I had been brainwashed to believe that Valentine’s Day was the measure of said love. So if V-Day wasn’t the day love was proven, when did it happen?

My husband thinks it is a Hallmark holiday designed to force him to over-purchase and buy flowers for twice the price. I told my husband that there is a day to remind people to cherish their beloved and show it with gifts. If he wanted to boycott Valentine’s Day, he could pick another day to worship me. That felt good! Only he took the out and forgot to pick another day.

Again, I am left out in the cold. No gifts, no fancy dinner, no jewelry advertised by Jane Seymour. Time to dig deeper. Through all the meditation, sessions with Lightworkers, soul searching, etc., I always come up with the same two issues: abandonment and unworthiness. Let’s look at the core issue of unworthiness. It seems that humans have an innate desire to be loved. We want others to see us, love us and then we will be positively sure we are valuable.

How does that make you feel?

Do you want to march for the civil liberties of self-love? Are you ready to demand your right to be loved without involving another person? I hope so. Because here is the truth of this matter: Everything resides within you. And no matter who or how someone loves you, it is the integrity of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you that holds the true power to love.

How can that be?

You, as the Divine Being that you are, cannot even fathom pure love until you “know” it. And to know it you must find balance within, and that balance emits love like incense emits smoke. It will fill you with a wafting scent that only you can smell. An intoxicating aroma of purity and unconditional love. Your cells know love, it is from whence you came; therefore, it’s not so much a lesson as it is a recovery.

Take a breath. Take a slow deep breath and ask yourself where love comes from. Ask if you can find the love you need in another person. The true, down to the bones, core love you need. I’d wager the answer is no. We can be loved, and it is wonderful. But even that is disappointing if we have not recognized how lovable we truly are.

Love from another can’t go deeper than how we love ourselves.

It’s like a bucket. You’re the bucket, and you can fill it with a lover’s love, but if you want more you must get a bigger bucket. Who makes/sells the buckets? God. Creator. Source. The Ultimate Metaphor.

On this Valentine’s Day, I wish you self-love like crazy. I wish you a huge bucket for all the love you give yourself. And if someone wants to match your love, then yes… let that in, too. But please don’t make your worth and value about how someone else feels. Let your innate wisdom seek Source for the ultimate healing of anything blocking how you love yourself.

A funny thing happens when self-love dominates. One becomes more interested in loving, less worried about how loved one feels. The great irony of life: we want what we don’t have. And the equally confusing Universal Law: we attract what we emanate. Buckle down on this one. Fight for self-love because it is your life force. Search out lesser thoughts and console your subconscious for ever having them.

Try this prayer, from Pocket Prayer Book: Excerpts from Divine Accordance. It is adapted from Appreciation Self Prayer.

Love Self Prayer

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; show me the way to self-love. I ask for assistance in seeing and understanding mySelf. As I walk this path of learning that I Am, please help me to release anything in the way. Please show me where I shine and how I Am an aspect of the Divine Force that holds all. As I Am in service to the Light, help me to feel forgiveness when I am harsh to others or myself. Please assist this release on all levels, through all time, space and dimension.

Thank you and Amen


May you be blessed with happiness, self-love and balance,