Will 2017 be a Spiritual Year?

Yes, 2017 will be a spiritual year. Numerologically speaking, 2017 is a “1” year. 17yearThat means it will be easier to be “vertical”, as in grounded to the core of Earth and connected to the I Am Presence.

If you are reading this, you likely already meditate and strive for Vertical Alignment. Consider how this will affect those that don’t. They will crave something more, and you may be the person they ask for help.

Prepare yourself, no matter where you are on your path, you may be the teacher. Someone you know might be suffering with “pancaked” energy and not even realize that they can manifest an easier life by practicing a few simple spiritual concepts.

 You may be the one to loan a book or suggest a movie. You may be the one to turn the other cheek, reply positively or show compassion. There is never a time on a learning path where we are not teachers. Our paths are not linear with those in front and those behind. We bounce around like cells, bumping into each other.

handshakeAs if each one of us were coated in paint, we leave a mark on whom we touch. And we become fragments of each other, yet individual artwork akin to nothing else. As the original and only you, there is a particular color of paint you can gift. This color is needed, wanted. It may be passed through a handshake if we are attuned to gentleness. However, we often doubt our brilliance and those that need it take drastic measures to squeeze a drop of us onto their own palettes of life.

Is this a spiritual year? Why yes, it is. But not because of the number or astrology. It is spiritual because you are an ever-evolving aspect of I Am Particle. The true essence of you is Spirit, all moments are your moments and time is your opportunity.blue heart

While it’s here, this wonderful time we have, let us all remember our kindness and compassion to those struggling to learn what we know. Instead of wondering what we can get, let us remember to bask in what is now and share it like iced cupcakes to the spiritually hungry.

Let us give more than we want. Let us teach more than we strive. I know it’s in you, in your glowing, radical, loving heart. That heart is full and yearns for nothing, for it is the God/Goddess of all dimensions. I spy, with my little (third) eye, You. In your Divinity; in your grandness.

May you be blessed with your own reflection in this wonderful, opportune year,



PS: Interesting reference for spiritual books:


And a few of my favs:
The Light Shall Set You Free (McCune, Milanovich)
Human Design (Parkyn)
The Four Agreements (Ruiz)
Animal-Speak (Andrews)




Merry, happy everything… a (mandala) present for you!

Recently, I began working on Opportunity Mandala. It started out normal; a drawing then paint. While I painted, I held a prayerful state asking what energies are present. The feelings were mixed, and I must admit I felt confused. Usually, mandalas have such a strong current of focused energy. This one was generating something different. When I finally relaxed my intentions, words came. I jotted them down on a notepad and then incorporated them into the painting. Who is this for, I wondered?

A new client had scheduled a session for the following week, a young woman from Venezuela. The mandala was for her. I don’t usually give my art away, but I knew that this was to be a gift for this young woman. Why not, I thought, a gift for everyone?

Click on the image below and save it to your computer, it is yours to play with. I only ask that if you use it publicly, I be credited.

May your spiritual road be blessed with many gifts,



Opportunity Mandala by Holly Burger. Feel free to download and share with credits, thank you!!

Opportunity Mandala by Holly Burger. Feel free to download and share with credits, thank you!!

Giving Presents? Ask yourself how, what and why!


Have you ever noticed that choosing a gift can throw you off yourdreamstime-box-bow game? If you have meditated, centered, polished up your favorite crystal, straightened your altar and prayed for help but still can’t decide what to get someone, try these ideas:

  1. Rather than internet search “what to get _____ ____ ____” (a four-year-old, my new boyfriend, my dad, the in-laws), try sitting down and saying, “I want to know what to get _____ ____ ____, I ask for a Divinely inspired idea. I want to please them with my budget which is: _____.” That might sound like, “Dear guides and angels, please help me. I am buying a present for my grandma and I want her to be pleased. My budget is $15, please help me find the right gift.” The hardest part of this equation is that the answer might not come immediately. However, if you focus and empty your mind, it can.
  2. We get tied up in comparisons. Don’t let money ideas stop you from giving a favorite chocolate. Or new clothes pins. Gifting should be about thought. Or about witnessing a need. It has turned into an obligatory mess. Revise old conditioning by setting up new rules. You can tell everyone you know that you are changing this game, or write a simple letter with the gift OR… do nothing and let the gift speak for itself. Don’t let buying small or simple mean that the gift is any less important.
  3. Think debt-free. Our society is squeezing the advertisement-agenda last-red-cent out of so many people. Stop it by setting an example. Have a budget and stick to it. If it involves the Dollar Store and E-Bay, so be it. Many times creativity is the answer. If you feel like you don’t have an ounce of creative energy, check out #4.
  4. Borrow someone’s mind. There is likely someone in your life that would love to spend money with you or for you. Let them. Join them. Try asking a shopper friend if you can buy them lunch in exchange for shopping advice and creativity. Creative people usually love to help. Give them the chance to be happy by asking them for help!
  5. The interview. Sounds weird, but an interview is a great gift. It says, “Hey, you’re interesting and I want to know you better.” Did your oldest relative know someone that fought in the Civil War? Where did that no-stressscar come from? Use video, audio or notes. Get interested in people that you love, they won’t be around forever. What’s the craziest thing you did in college/the service/before you got married? This is a gift that will benefit both the giver and receiver. And when the next holiday rolls around, you may have a nice written story or edited video to present.
  6. A few years ago I gave my grandsons a tour of Mile High Stadium. (If you aren’t from Colorado, it is where the Broncos play football.) My husband and I spent all day with the boys, who loved the excitement. We were lucky enough that our tour guide turned his head when the boys ran onto the field, a big no-no. It was hands-down the best gift because of the time we spent together. I bought the tour on a discount website (Living Social, GroupOn), so it was half price. However, there are many ways to spend time with someone for free; what about a movie/video night, outdoor concert or car ride somewhere?
  7. Family tree. Think interview and internet. Why not finally sit down and squeeze all the family info from your parents/relatives. Then put it on paper or into one of the websites that organize family trees. I have heard ancestry.com does a great job, a membership might be just the gift your mom is waiting for.
  8. I’d love a new sweater, but it must be the perfect color (no pastels), the right size (I wear a medium, large or x-large), the exact shape and style I prefer, proper fibers (no polyester, unless it helps hold the shape and isn’t overt; cotton is good, sometimes) and really just generally pleasing. Do you know anyone hard to shop for? Seriously, I can hardly shop for myself! And what I really want is you. Maybe the person you are stressing over would really love to spend time with you. Give yourself, your time and focus. Give eye contact, hugs and attention. It’s free!

The perfect present isn’t always about how much money you spend. No matter your budget, the energy around holidays and gift giving is changing. Two important things to think of are: consciousness around what you truly want and awareness of what is comfortable for you. Sit with these ideas to be content with how and why you give.

 Holiday blessings,



Also: Holiday Survival Guide: https://lightworkersalliance.com/?p=3847






Opposition is a trick of the dark.


Not always, there is no conspiracy between carrots or peas. Blue or orange. Hot or cold.

However, there is a controlling force in this Universe that uses negative energy against us when we align completely with one side or another.

It’s quite simple. Balance resides in the middle and any time you lean to much one way or another, you reach imbalance. That is the exact time dark forces (for lack of a better term) pour an influx of energy into the cause.traintrack


Because when we are occupied with obsession we forget things that illuminate. We forget to ground and connect with our High Selves. We forget to check in with Creator Energy to make sure each thought is accurate.

As in politics?

I will leave that discovery up to you. Let’s use a family as an example. Let’s say the dad wants to watch football. He announces it one night at dinner, “Sunday is football day and everyone must watch.” Four faces look at him with surprise. The mother thinks: No, Sunday is for reading; I can’t wait to get to my book. Three kids scowl and try to figure our how to change his mind. Over the next few days the family squares off. Dad says, “What? You don’t like football?”

Kid #1, “Well, no, it’s not that, I just don’t know what I want to do with my day yet.” Kid #1 represents resistance. He’s just plain old stubborn.

Kid #2, “I refuse to watch grown men attack each other and cause potentially permanent damage!” Kid #2 represents righteousness. No longer are the players allowed to make their own decisions about what they do.

Kid #3, “Dad, why are you deciding this for everyone?  We could get another TV and watch two things. I can help this work out!” Kid #3 is the pleaser. #3 wants everyone to be happy.

Meanwhile, mom lifts her eyebrows. She wonders if there is something beyond this idea of watching TV and calls a family meeting. “Let’s give everyone a moment to voice their opinions and then discuss our options.” Mom is the mediator and, thank goodness, she is open to something outside the dynamics.

When we are controlled, we tend to bully up against the control. We become the resistance. The opposition. During these moments of resistance, we often take the opposing side, sometimes just to make a point.

Let’s change the football into a bible; Dad wants to go to church. Or a menu, Dad wants to take everyone out to eat. Change the metaphor until you find your own resistance; look for where you say, “No way! I am not doing that, you can’t make me.” If you find that place in yourself, you have located the key to learning about your own opposition.

Currently, you may feel a strong emotion about politics. That may be your way in; if you are sorely disappointed, or even elated, with the elections results, start there. Our success as spiritual beings person-on-mountain-topprecariously balances on our ability to transmute hate. Hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is a trick to make us feel powerful in an emotion that is toxic to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Hate is the rust of our society.

It can eat through strength, honor and integrity. Feeling strongly against something feeds into negativity, which is fodder for the dark. Whether you believe in a battle between dark and light or not, you surely believe in the positive benefits of feeling better. Don’t you?

On a Lightpath, we are always excavating the sub-conscious for causes of strife. A past life can align us with an abhorrent feelings. Or a childhood experience. The causes are there and they are real, however, the results of hate are not pleasant.

Opposition works against its opposing force, it’s a war that cannot be won.

I encourage everyone to find what they hate and study it. Discover what has distracted you from being the grounded, Source-connected being that you are. In our Pillars of Light, we are empowered; we are knowledgeable, with access to wisdom that comes from high frequencies of Light.

That is how we can see what is best, and choose based on circumstances instead of alliances to something that may or may not be healthy. Watch for the inner confines of resistance, righteousness and people pleasing. These are dangerous attributes that pull us from our path of Light.


Wishing you balance,


How to Prepare for Phone Sessions

Clients often ask about creating a successful phone session. When I first started doing readings (2002!) I did not think phone sessions were possible. Then a client asked for one, she needed help and phone.earthcouldn’t get to Longmont. Ohhhhh, I thought, I don’t know. How will I set sacred space? How will I do….

Well, you probably already know the answer to that: I don’t do it. Creator/Source/Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters, they do it. So (after thought, meditation and a certain amount of whining) I tried setting space over the phone. Guess what? It was the same! Ha! My lesson: I work with energy. Energy doesn’t have time, space or dimension. Once I released my fear, judgment and insecurity, phone readings were born. For me, anyway.

Here are some tips for a successful phone session:

1. Sacred space. Create your own. It doesn’t matter where. I have given so many readings to people in cars. NOT driving, stationary cars in parking lots or parks. It works fine; say a prayer first with your intention. Try a scarf over the steering wheel. Put the visors down or the sun shade in place. It’s not so much what you do, it’s more about claiming the space as sacred. I won’t read energy for someone mobile. It’s like throwing a dart at a moving dart board. We need Vertical Energy, grounded to the core of Earth and connected to Source.

2. Be prepared. Write your questions. I know you’re smart. You have a good memory. But what you don’t have (because no one I know does) is the ability to stand in the highest Light we can reach and remember that you have human problems. Writing your questions tells the human mind it can relax and let you float up to the place where healing happens. You don’t have to remember, that job was given to a piece of paper. And I do mean paper. Not phone notes, because you are either on your phone, or we are turning it off. That leads to the next idea…

bianca.water.med.small3. Be at peace. If you are worried about a text/call, you will be thinking. We don’t want thinking, in fact, we want to dodge thinking and ask the heart what the real issue is. If we can heal the inner problem, the thoughts will change. You’re strong, don’t doubt your ability to hold onto a thought if you can see/hear/fell it. Let thoughts be in a conference room somewhere while you have a healing session. If, when you go back to get them, some are gone… Well, then, our work has succeeded!

4. Water. Can’t say enough about hydrating your light working cells. Please, just do it.

5. Writing. Unless you are opposed to pens, pencils or paper, please be prepared with something to write upon. The guides often give homework or other recommendations, and being that we are in higher frequencies, it is easy to forget.

6. Crystals. I am pro rock. Stones, crystals and minerals offer a buffet of healing energy. I work with stones specifically charged for what I do. Why not have a stone for grounding (tourmaline, pyrite, covellite, hematite–anything dark and heavy) and a stone for connecting (quartz is best). We can ask our Divine Beings to clear the stones and activate them to your highest good. After the session you will have a working tool.

You might have an additional idea about making a phone session work, follow your heart. Do what helps you feel present and safe in the moment. Energy doesn’t have a location, it can be with us anytime we invoke it.


Many blessings,



Feel Good Pop-Up Events is Born


A while back, I was invited to attend a marketing event as a vendor. The marketing company explained that everything I offered must be free. When I meditated on the idea, my guides suggested a menu and conversation. I purchased promo items and created a way to do short, light readings.

May you be blessed one thousand times today.

May you be blessed one thousand times today.

(True story: I purchased miniature animals and put them in a bag. People drew an animal and I gave them a short readings about whatever came up. I put unicorns in the bag, among other animals. There were all kinds of funny things happening that day.)

Not only did the marketing work, almost everyone I invited came to the event, it was a blast. There was laughter, joy, and a general good time.

So why not do it again, I thought. When I mentioned the idea to my friend Myhhr, she said she had thought of the same thing. In that moment, Feel Good Pop-up Events was born. It took us a minute to get the name and details had to be worked out for liabilities. Like a flower, FGPU opened from a simple idea, to give something away. If you offer something free to your clients, and several other people do the same, you will end up with a room full of people receiving. The energy is incredible.

We plan to give. It’s our motto, creed and general intention. But, why give? There are some practical applications to this type of event. We are in business. We want more clients. Why not gather like-minded business owners and target advertise? For me, it’s the best of both worlds. I can have fun, give things away and get to know people who may be interested in my work.

blessedFor practical matters, Myhhr and I decided that having something small for sale (under $10) would be okay as long as it did not distract from the free item. At that first show, I sold prayer books for $7.99 and that paid for my gasoline and a cocktail. I gave away pens, flyers (nylon Frisbee dealios), notebooks (if you booked a reading) and the miniature animal readings. I have plans for more fun. Giving is snowballing in my world!

If you feel you can’t give or have nothing, please look into your heart. Giving is the sledgehammer to abundance blocks. The Universe answers. Anyone can offers hugs, smiles or compliments! Please check out a FGPU event if you are in Colorado. Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FeelGoodPopUp/. Stay tuned for what is next!

Many blessings to you,


Summer Energy Challenges

Summer fun? Maybe!

If it’s your winter, you might still have the issues we have in the northern atmosphere. Time is squishing us, energies are raining down like falling frogs and the Earth is purging. Sounds like fun, right?

When I complain to my guides that things are too hard, they give me examples of how it could be worse. When I point out solar flares, fallen angels, fixed elections, war, crime, murder… etc., they remind me that I am Light and it is my choice to be Light. And, they ask, what would I like to say next? In the presence of Ascended Masters, those who have accomplished Earth—moved through the muck and risen to Ascension—I complain. I ask, “Why am I in pain?”, “Why did that happen?” or “What can I do to help?”

After so many years of asking, I should be prepared for just another version of the same old answer; yet I am amazed to the point of astonishment when they remind me that I have something to give to every situation. There is my Light, my prayer, blessings, even grief. My groundedness, vertical light and attention to detail. Beyond that, I wonder, what can I give? Here are a few things that I am reminded of:

  1. Compassion. Souls are learning. Even though you may not like their lesson or the example you are shown, it is their choice. Let them have it. Let them be what they have chosen and think of your own choices in this world.
  2. Forgiveness. There is forgiveness for an act; perhaps an act of violence, but think of what the influence is over a person that acts violently. Can you forgive someone brainwashed or mentally ill? Can you forgive weakness that allowed spiritual possession? Expand your perceptions of forgiveness.
  3. Peace. Peace is not only an act, it is a walk. To be angry diverts your energy, even if you are angry about a horrific story. If you feel anger, step into it and let emotion move it out like a wave of water. Feel anger, try not to store it. Feel it fully and completely the way you would a mouth full of your favorite food. Storing it for later brings rotten results. When anger leaves, you can concentrate on walking in peace once again.
  4. Responsibility. If something happens to someone, that someone is a part of you—but not you. Allow that person to have their experience. Give thanks for any good thing you can think of in your own life. This will re-center you in your experience and negate the empathy you may be feeling toward someone or something else. Know you are the Divine Creator of your experiences. If you are messy, forgive yourself and start over.
  5. Love. Advertisements are not in charge of self-love. If your hair is out of style, your clothes uncomplimentary, your home rented; it does not matter. You are not only loved, you are love. Allow the fat on your body to remind you that you do not starve. Allow wrinkles to explain you have faced the sun. You, dear one, have created your reality. Please do not belittle the Divinity in everything. Love it, maybe even express a desire, but never let anyone tell you that you are unlovable or less than blessed.

In a spiritually driven life, we are challenged to live differently. We choose things based on energy. For us, the experience of time can be different. There can be difficulty managing how we are in the space we have created to live. It can feel like a tight fit. Don’t forget that you can expand. Try a prayer to expand time or space. It might look like this:

Creator, I am running late. Please help me manage time so that I arrive in Divine Timing for myself and others. Thank you and Amen.

Source of All That Is, I feel squished in this body. Can you please help me recalibrate so that I am comfortable. I choose to breathe freely, to be relaxed and happy. Thank you and Amen.

What is your prayer? What is your gratitude? I would love to hear from you on Facebook, share a prayer or thought that helps you manage energy, change and challenges.

Remember: You are a blessed and Divine Light. Shine and be happy for one thing every day, you’re the seed, the Earth, the water and the flower.

Blessings to you,




Is everybody moving?


That is what someone asked me recently. It’s spring here in the Rockies and after a winter of snow we do get an influx of energy. Movement is everywhere. Wind, flowers, rain (so much this year), outdoor activity and clean-up. But selling your home and buying another? Checking out of a lease and changing locations? What does all this moving mean?



A client, let’s call her Gale, had a reading and asked about her need to relocate. I, myself, have decided to move. (More on that later!) When Gale asked, I became excited about the answer. Many times the guides have explained that Lightworkers receive energy surges that take on the form of a request. Sometimes referred to as a clarion call. Land might do this or a town. If a person carries the energy needed in a certain area, then he or she will feel the pull/hear the call. The area will welcome that person by opening doors. Maybe there will be a great deal on a home or a fantastic job opportunity. While living in these areas, Lightworkers ground, meditate and live consciously. This behavior affects the environment and it attracts like-minded people. (Birds of a feather…) Once enough people show up to hold the frequency easily, the Lightworker can retire.

Let’s just say that you were one of those folks that answered a clarion call. You moved to be in service, to do Lightwork. (Most of us don’t even realize we are doing this!) Also, let’s say that you woke up a few days ago and thought, “I gotta move.” It’s time to relocate. One would think it might be another clarion call, but that is not what the guides told Gale. They said that we, the ones who answered so many clarion calls, have hit critical mass. We have scooted past 51% and the energy now maintains itself. Your service contract just ended.

It's a lightworking life!

It’s a lightworking life!

Moreover, these contracts have been in place since the 1980’s, most of us have spent our entire adult lives living in service. To be released can be a bit confusing. Where to go? How does this work? It is both easy and hard, there are two contrasting energies. On one end, you have the Lightworkers who can listen and live in a guided manner. On the other, you have people who are closed to guidance but manifest like crazy in the third dimension. It is time for those being released from a particular Earth service (there are other Earth services still in effect) to know what we want and learn how and manifest it.

It is time to get third dimensional like you never have before. Start a dream board, watch The Secret, work on new ways to ground. My guides told Gale to use poster board, not a notebook, for her vision board. Make sure it’s visible and put pictures of what you desire. For her it might be land to farm, space, privacy. What would it be for you? If you are being released, like so many are, get focused on what you want. Many of us have been living in service and following strong directives no matter how hard it has been. Game over. Start a new game and this one will be (IS!) easier. Remember my favorite words: peacefully, easily, comfortably.  Thank you and Amen.

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey,




Happy Maternal Energy Day

I invite you to disregard the gender reference of Mother’s Day and move into concepts of Divine Feminine, which are embodied in every person. Every man, woman and child. We all carry maternal instincts and Divine Femininity. Let’s look at Mother’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate the loving, nurturing, healing, listening aspects that reside within each of us.

My beautiful mother, Sharon.

My beautiful mother, Sharon.

Are you respected? Understood? Nurtured? Witnessed? Heard? Praised? Appreciated? This “holiday” is the perfect opportunity to ask the Divine Feminine attributes that feather into every cell of your being how they are doing. Ask about their third dimensional experience, don’t get too spiritual just yet. If you say that things are how they should be and Divine Order is at hand, you will miss a very important part of our Earth lessons.

Earth lesson one: Remember how to create. Not be created, how to create. Every creator is a mother, the birther of cosmic essence and other lowly practical things like the rules of the house. We create happiness, order, peace and more. So take this time to discover if you are honoring your creative self. The part of you that remembers to get fuel for your vehicle so you don’t end up stranded on the side of a road somewhere wondering why you didn’t remember.

Next lesson/idea/suggestion: Know what you need and want and desire. Have you ever wished so hard for someone to be giving and then feel disappointed about the gift? That is a passive aggressive override. Stop it. If you want a gift, explain it to someone. For instance, “I love when people give me flowers.” Please, don’t sabotage yourself by doing this at 11pm the eve of a holiday. Start now, begin giving your wanting-self a voice. A solid, strong, respectful voice.

Never, ever, ever let yourself live with co-dependency. BIG lesson. Why? Because it is the most unsatisfying, miserable, belittling existence. Co-dependency tells your maternal instincts to care for everyone but yourself. It lets you think you can run on fumes because someone else needs you more. The funny thing about co-dependency is that you actually make up what you think people need. Stop that. Finding your voice is one of the most empowering things a person can do, don’t take that away from a loved one.

You are One with Divine Universal Love.

You are One with Divine Universal Love.

Last lesson of the day: Love yourself more. More than anyone else loves you and more than you love anyone else. It’s just silly not to. This doesn’t mean you love your children/partner/pets less, it means that you love yourself for finding them. For being there for them. You can love yourself for chores and duties and obligations because you have the consciousness and ability to do them. Without that self-love you cannot truly embrace the love you have for another. If this sounds like a farce, find someone who is there and ask them to explain the difference. Loving yourself opens a vault in the subconscious mind; a new place for love to reside. More love within, more abilities to see what is lovable.

On this Divine Feminine/Maternal Honoring/Mother’s Day, I encourage you to rearrange old thinking, expound useless paradigms and align with the true Divinity within you. Honor yourself in the special way you choose. A devotional letter of appreciation and gratitude? Popcorn for dinner? A new piece of jewelry? A call to an old friend? Possibly even a gift for your mother, why not?

Give, receive. Do it today and practice every time you remember. Open your consciousness to the Divine flow of Unconditional Love. You are a shining Light, a Universal Star. Loving yourself, respecting who and what you are is your truth. Dive into remembering and smile in the mirror today.

Blessing of love to you,



Patricia Cota-Robles

If you haven’t heard this name, take note. Patricia is one of today’s foremost speakers on all things spiritual. I have read/listened to her words for years. She has influenced me in heart, mind, soul and spirit.

World Congress on Illumination 2013, Tuscson, AZ

World Congress on Illumination 2013, Tucson, AZ

Patricia isn’t your everyday mystic. She’s a mystic’s mystic; a teacher’s teacher. The current of Divine Consciousness that flows through PCR is at once purity, clarity and reality. She doesn’t play mainstream games, making promises to heal or clear you. She stands in Christ Consciousness and explains what you can do to make yourself heal and/or clear.

PCR rings the truth bell; and for me the echo is phenomenal. I feel uplifted when I hear her talk about Divine Light, the Kingdom of Heaven and our ethereal helpers. Motivation courses through me after a discourse from PCR, and not the kind from ego where I feel like I am invincible. More of a deep reckoning. A core vibration that reminds me to sit until I must move, to remain quiet until inspiration takes hold and I must speak. As a Sagittarian, I will tell you, that is no easy course.

I believe I first heard PCR live in 2002. I remember the room, it had a low ceiling. We were somewhere near the old Stapleton Airport, just after it closed. Her words made me feel like I was living in a dream. Some of them were verbatim what my guides said in my meditations, what I said aloud. But she was so beyond my understanding. I purchased a book that day and tried to read it. Patricia says many things over and over. In some authors, I would find that annoying, but not with her. I need to hear those things repeatedly. I want to. I bought another book. Which one? It doesn’t matter. There isn’t a bad one.

But, if you would like to know my favorite, the mother of Patricia’s work, try: The Gnosis and the Law (http://www.eraofpeace.org/the-gnosis-and-the-law-book). Ironically, PCR did not write this book; but she owns the publishing rights to it per the deceased author, Tellis Papastavro. It is worth the $45.00 price tag and if you catch one of PCR’s free seminars, you won’t have to pay shipping. Gnosis is not an easy or quick read; it’s dense, complicated and enormous. But I love it.

More fav’s include: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?, HOME and The Violet Flame Book (all by Patricia). Her meditations and CD’s are wonderful as well.


Mandala from PCR Seminar in Tuscon.

You may be wondering why I am writing about PCR. Am I getting a commission? No. A free book? No. I am writing because I love her madly. It’s true! She is a pure essence of Divine Light and I want you to know that you are supported by people like Patricia Cota-Robles. She is kind, giving and pure. I can prove it:

Go here:  http://www.eraofpeace.org/speaking-engagements, FREE SEMINARS!

If you’re local to Denver, go here: http://www.eraofpeace.org/seminar?id=22, April 17th, FREE seminar in Colorado. I will be there!

Listen to PCR for free: http://www.eraofpeace.org/radio-show

I will let you discover the rest for yourself. Search her, there are youtube videos and more. Lastly, I wish to ask you a favor. How would you like to sink yourself into the PCR vibe even more? The Free Seminar coming to Colorado this Sunday needs volunteers! You will have a wonderful time. You will be showered with gratitude by the PCR team. Contact Linda Cox (linda@eraofpeace.org) and tell her I sent you! I truly do hope you can make this event, it only happens every two years.


Love, light and blessings,



More: Read this lightBLOG from the World Congress on Illumination 2013 (with PCR): https://lightworkersalliance.com/resources/writings/me-patricia-cota-robles-august-2013/