Remember to Check In

Last week Denver hosted the second largest rock, mineral and bead show(s) in the country. Six different locations provided treasures for rock lovers… like me.

Important days, like rock shopping days, have to be planned in advance. When the time finally came for my crystal extravaganza, I was prepared. There are important things to consider; . . . → Read More: Remember to Check In

Dandelion Decision

This is how I learned that NOT making a decision IS making a decision.

My wise friend Cindy was visiting from Seattle, she is a remarkable intuitive. One morning, I asked for her help with a few questions. Meaning: will you check in with your guides for me. Cindy obliged and I grabbed a pen . . . → Read More: Dandelion Decision

I Don’t Know…

Recently, I was invited to host a group of women through a church in Denver. The amazing Ashley Seaman, minister of North Highland Presbyterian, and her friend Caroline Fisher and I talked about possibilities. The energy generated during our conversation took root and our first meeting happened June 24, 2012.

It was an amazing experience. . . . → Read More: I Don’t Know…

The New Gratitude List

I heard something in a reading.

This may seem like an odd statement, considering I was the one giving the reading, but it’s true. During sessions, I feel as if I am talking and listening at the same time. What I “hear” may not jive with what I say…

Weekly, on my Ho’oponopono conference call . . . → Read More: The New Gratitude List

The Art of Making It Work

I was trying to write a LIGHTblog about summertime being here, but all I could think about was the fact that dates keep sneaking up on me. I feel like I can’t plan enough to be prepared for everything.

What is that about? When I ask my guides they tell me that my perceptions are . . . → Read More: The Art of Making It Work

Should I take a workshop?

Diana Saunders, Cami Walker (author of 29 Gifts) and Holly Burger, at Cami's workshop.

I could start this with ‘confessions of…’ but I have to admit I am the opposite. I am workshop resistant. This might be due to lack of funds; I have often thought of what I would do with education . . . → Read More: Should I take a workshop?


To honor on mother’s day: divine feminine light goddess, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, healing energy. Gaia, world, Earth, plant and animal energy. Every mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, nurturer, lover, healer. Every woman. Every embodied feminine energy: male or female.

Mother’s of destiny, design, creativity, encouragement. Mother’s of cooking, cleaning, organizing, assessing. Mother’s of honor, . . . → Read More: Mothers

Aligning in Community



Dear Lightworkers,

Many of us are gathering in groups, forming communities, and connecting. The following was written for a community gathering in 2009. I feel it as a prayer, words bringing forth energy that expands to Source and grounds to Earth, but it is written as a visualization.

Feel free to alter, change . . . → Read More: Aligning in Community

Decree of Life


There is a sweet time in the morning for meditation. It’s just after I wake up and before my workday starts, ideally 5am. I don’t always start that early, but I like to. The street outside is quiet, neighborhood dogs are sleeping, phones aren’t ringing. People are moving slowly, just breaking open their day.

. . . → Read More: Decree of Life

It’s here, the year 2012!

It’s 2012. We’ve been talking about it for so long I nearly forgot it was another year in my life. I once heard (in a movie) that a man gave away his farm. He believed that the end of the world was coming, why own land? It was the late 1800’s. When the world continued . . . → Read More: It’s here, the year 2012!