Chinese New Year and Luck

I have a secret passion: The Far East.

The culture, the spirituality, the respect, a past life, the trinkets, the RED and more. I don’t decorate in Asian style, but I love it. I also love Truong An Gifts located in Denver. At Alameda and Federal we have our own little China Town. When I talk about it, people say, “I didn’t know Denver had a China Town.” And I respond, “Yes, it’s true.” I went there last week with my friend Melody Masters. We were very excited because February 10th is Chinese New Year. It is their most celebrated holiday. Many gifts, usually monetary, are exchanged. Celebrations include firecrackers, lion dances, martial art displays and wearing red. Red is the color for good luck.

The Chinese use the term “good luck” as Americans use many phrases to bring the best in life, for instance: blessings, abundance, have a good trip, good health, wealth, best wishes, congratulations, go-get-em, etc. They say other things, but they all fall under one phrase: good luck. Metaphysically speaking, we make our own luck, we are the divine creators and we can collaborate with our Divine Selves to be what we want, when we want and have what we want, right? Ohhhhmmm and amen. I teach about spiritual responsibility (and I believe it), but I love the concept of luck. Seneca, a first-century Roman philosopher, said, “Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet.” You may have heard Oprah’s version, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Amen to that! I am prepared for opportunity. How am I prepared… let me show you.

It all starts with the wonderful Fawn Truong, or her beautiful daughter, Mimi. When Melody and I visited China Town, Fawn gave us readings for our coming year. For luck this year, I , Holly Burger born year of the Dragon, need a dog in my house. At first I thought it was a duck, but further examination proved that there was only an accent interpretation issue on my part, pointed out with great humor by Melody… So I bought a five-inch, resin, green dog. Which I love. I must sleep next to two birds for happiness. Now these birds are not cheap ($40+) so I squinched my eyes and told myself, “Only if you love them.” I did. They are sooooo cute and adorable. Carved of jasper and residing next to my head all night. Of course, you need something during the day, so I also have a carved bird for around my neck. It is “red” (carnelian, I think) and comes on a red string. Fawn told me, “Don’t take red string off, good luck.” Dang it, I was really planning a cute necklace on a not red string. We will see how that pans out.

I am so full of it, luck I mean. It’s the birds, I just know it. My Native American blood (Cherokee) is bubbling with information about birds as well. They are everywhere; I see them in flight, in trees, yelling at me, showing off, posing and I am loving it! From Animal-Speak (Ted Andrews, Llewellyn, 1998) I learned that birds are the bridge between Earth and Heaven. They represent transcendence, rising above old patterns to new and better ways of being. Birds represent magic in Pagan traditions. (Think of all the magic singing to us every day!) Our feathered friends remind us about communication with all things, through higher consciousness and integrity. Birds are our signs, guideposts, teachers and protectors; they announce, remind, help, signal, bless and when appropriate: annoy, aggravate and pester. Birds will get your attention. They connect the spirit world and higher consciousness to humanity. That sounds a lot like what I do in my work. Birds, Fawn told me, ride waves and roll into the shore without effort. That is my luck for this year; be patient, everything comes.

Fawn also told me that I am like a fish jumping from the water, I can make 180º turns, changing everything while the sun shines upon me. She said this year I can up-level in my career and relationships, and that I have good luck! Better than the last two years… I was told to rest when I am tired and be careful gambling. I wore a blue shirt to Truong Gift, with a charcoal gray sweater; Fawn told me to wear bright colors, or people would take me too seriously, not dark, cold colors. I was born in December, “already cold”. That is good information; I am tired of all the seriousness in life. From now on my wardrobe is a party. To increase my luck, she said put some gold in my hair, “Very pretty, but gold in hair, more luck.” Wait till you see my new highlights, the abundance highlights! To increase my education, I have to put four bamboo pieces in the southeast corner of my house. A cute little Chinese elephant container is waiting, by the way, elephants represent protection, and good luck.

I love the little red envelopes that are piled high at Truong Gift. They are traditional used to gift money, but they are irresistible for other things. Melody and I were shown how to make a lantern by stapling envelopes together, if you look closely in the picture below the envelopes, you will see one. But my favorite thing to do is buy Joss Paper. Joss is burnt in China for reverence, prayers and to chase away bad spirits. You can write on Joss paper, which is usually made from rice, and burn your thoughts, wishes, desires, fears, rants, etc. Look it up on-line, it’s a big deal. If you want, you can use the Spiritual Curve and make up your own Joss ceremony, which is what I do. For me, Joss is about sending something to the ethers through a physical exercise. I might write a blessing on my Joss, for instance, “financial abundance to all who see this burn” or a healing, “To the Universe and all Christ Consciousness Light Beings, Please help me heal my back.” That’s my version of Joss and I am claiming that as lucky, right now.

Exploring culture is a light hobby of mine. My guides have shown me that most religions begin with a seed of truth, a vision or message. If you open your mind to find that seed, you can open your heart to the blessings of knowledge that spring from hope and pure intention. I seek truth. Like any search, there are things to weed out, things to forget and then there are the gems. Truong Gift is full of tiny seeds of inspiration and blessings. Who can resist Buddha? Kwan Yin? Myth? Story? Not me.

I hope you can stop by this cute store. It’s overwhelming, stuffed to the ceiling and full of fun with all sorts of Chinese stuff. Say hello to Fawn and Mimi. Ask them about your year to come and see what you need for luck.








© pics and words copyright –  Holly Burger 2013





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