Meditation Light (new class!)

This class will teach you to sense Christ Conscious Light. We will discuss the chakra system, how you can fill each chakra with light and heal. Our technique is called Light Raising, and can be done very quickly when necessary. Yet you can expand a meditation to nourish your entire body. You will learn to:

—ground to the core of Mother Earth/Gaia
—connect to Creator in a Pillar of Light
—create sacred space
—open and close a meditation

This class is designed for those that want to feel the benefits of meditation, but have a full schedule. A Light Raising is perfect to use during your bath or shower. You can do it in public, in fact we recommend it! Light Raising meditations amplify light around you, perfect for a hotel room or office.

This class is a ONE-DAY class. The next scheduled class is:

Saturday, September 20, 2014
10am – 4pm
North Highland Presbyterian Church (white bldg)
3401 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211