Tele-Class Information

Our tele-classes and webinars are hosted by Maestro Conference. You cancall in from your home or cell phone without a computer. First, you must register, then you will receive a call-in number a pin (personal identification number). Here are some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).


Oil painting detail by Holly Burger


FAQ’s about tele-classes:

Do you need a computer?
Not for the call. You do need to register online and you will receive a phone & PIN number, which can be dialed from any phone. If a computer is not available for registration contact Holly (303-956-0334) or Alli (970-227-7297) to register.

Will it be a toll-call?
Yes, for most people it is. The calls are made to a California number.

How do I register?
Each class offers a registration link. You will be directed to Paypal or Maestro Conference.

What if I want to listen with a group of friends?
If the class is free, no problem! The more the merrier. If the class is not free, please contact Alli for group rates.

Do I need to mute my phone?
No, our calls have their own system of muting and controlling volume.

Who is Alli? Alli Brook is Holly’s virtual assistant. You can email her or call 970-227-7297. (PS: she does awesome healing work!)

Are the calls recorded?
Yes, they are recorded. Holly does make some recordings available, please ask at the beginning of class if you are interesting.

Can I ask a question?
Yes! We welcome your questions and input. There are many ways to ask, which are discussed at the beginning of each tele-class. You may also send a question in advance via e-mail. During calls, you may use your phone key pad to ‘raise your hand’, you are then un-muted and able to speak to everyone.