A few days ago I went to fiber art show in Longmont, Colorado. I studio.easelthought I might take some pictures and write about art, the fiber of life, how we all weave together and create. From the car I grabbed my wallet and camera bag, thinking it would be easy to manage while I was studying and taking pictures. Knowing that I was walking into a world of art and copyrights, I asked the first person that I saw with a name tag about taking photos for my blog. No. Not allowed. But ask this person, she may know more. No, never allowed. But wait; let’s ask this person, she may know more. 

After ten or so minutes of conversation I realized that free advertising, conscious writing and my charming self were not enough to be allowed any personal photographs of this show. The third woman did agree that it was silly. We talked about free advertising, being inspired, creating and looking for new inspiration. It was then that I knew my blog wasn’t about the fiber of life on the wall and in crocheted hats. I would not write about woven wool, llamas or stitches in time. It was competition; that was my subject.

Fierce competition. If you think football is competitive, put a bunch of women in a room and try to move forward on something. When the idea of competition dawned on me I was aware enough to see that it was in me; I felt competitive. Why wouldn’t someone allow me to make their project better? Why wouldn’t someone trust me to be careful and respectful with their copyrights? I used Ho’oponopono (thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry) to clear my emotions and decided to explore the show with my new idea.

shelf.fabricCompetition bucks against Universal Law. We live in an energetic vacuum. A push returns something to us. So if I am thinking of competition, if I am living in fear that someone will steal my designs (which happens), if I am worried about being the only one doing something, feeling original and never copied; well then I am quite busy. Too busy to create from divine inspiration and that’s only part of it. I am also sending out a secret code to the Universe that reads scarcity, worry, fear and resistance. This isn’t good for sales.

Resistance is the worst job description. First, it’s futile. You cannot resist the Universe, it will win. Second, it’s thankless, never-ending and disappointing. If we live in a vacuum and like attracts like, any practical artist can deduce that we must force positivity out into the world so that we can receive.


In theory, this works. On paper, in a diagram and virtually, it is correct and accurate. So what’s stopping a positive attitude and fearlessness from creating a perfect reality? For an artist that means you make something, put a price on it and sell it. Then you make more stuff, inspired by other art and ideas and inspirations, while all the other artists do the same. Here’s the hitch: you are multi-dimensional.studio1


Yes, it’s true. Your angelic arms reach into the heavens and your DNA stretches to the past. We aren’t just influenced by our neighbors and parents. We are influenced by karma, past lives and other realities. Our competition rivers run so deep we can’t always find the headwaters. But we must look. Who stole what from you ten lifetimes ago? Who and why; and what did you steal? What inspiration did you borrow from whom? Talk about the fabric of life, now it’s weaving backward. We are products of our environment, our multi-dimensional environment. The only way to manage the past, present and future is to get our guides involved. Call your angels and Beings of Light to attention. Let them know that you want to clear and heal anything that impedes your progression in life. Decide what that progression is; for me it’s happiness. I adore peace, ease and comfort. I fully intend to be a happy artist and conscious channel. That’s my push, what I send out to the ethers. What’s yours?

When I looked at the art, the weavings and creations at that show, I did feel inspired. I felt sad, too. That third woman that I mentioned, we chatted a bit about being worried about copyrights versus flow. I asked if they invited newspapers in for press releases and stuff like that, free advertising. She said that they used to. We aren’t all good at everything. And we don’t need to be. We can play together, in a world of blessings and happiness where art and creation give people opportunity to open in thought and heart. That’s my world, the one I am putting out in writing.

Competition is an invitation to the Universe. It invites reminders of what we fear and where we cut off divine flow. It happens everywhere, in siblings and coworkers, in our minds and words. Today I invite you to look where you can replace resistance with flow; where you can sense your own studio2competitive energy and heal the need to compare yourself to anyone. We are each magical inspirations of cellular creation. No two alike, no two alike. In a sense, we only compete with ourselves.

I still like football, sports and contests. I will continue to enjoy competitive things; this isn’t about organized opportunities to compete. Look for resistance to grandeur and peace and love. When you know what you want, allow yourself to see where resistance could be the sticky stuff preventing you from spreading your wings and flying to your absolute destiny without one thought of competition.

You are a Divine Design and I believe in you.

Many blessings,



PS: No pics from fiber show, so I took a few in my studio.












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