Divine Receiver

When a client called and asked about using one of my meditations to advertise her business, I thought about it and said no, it doesn’t feel right. After the words came out, I took a moment to check in and make sure it was the appropriate thing to say. “Annette” (not her real name) and I talked a bit, but it wasn’t until later that day that I learned about why the answer had to be “no”. My conversation with Annette, and subsequent conversation with another client, let’s call her “Leah”, brought more learning.

Saying no to Annette didn’t feel very good. I questioned myself, even though I felt certain it was the most appropriate answer. Was I on a power trip? Was it ego? Resistance? These thoughts bounced around quickly, while Annette and I were still in conversation. I asked her about the advertising she mentioned, why did it need one of my meditations?

Annette is involved with a program that teaches one to create a gift, a tangible and valuable gift. You offer the gift on the Internet in exchange for email addresses. Have you seen these types of promotions? They land in my inbox every day. Free conference, free e-book, free info; you click and sign-up for the mailing list, get the free stuff and the next thing you know, you are on ten mailing lists. I admit it works, I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have considered it, especially when it’s a bargain. Through Annette’s program, she must create an amazing free gift. By offering something wonderful, she can build her email list, and therefore, her business. This sounds great, and I feel supportive of Annette, so why not let her use one of my meditations?

The first thing I feel is that I was guided to use this meditation to help others and I do generate income from it, I use it frequently! Years ago I worried about charging for readings, to the point that I was embarrassed to ask for payment, I actually let people leave without paying me because I was afraid to ask! More than once. It was embarrassing and bad business ethics at the same time. People would have to send a check, or return when they remembered. My struggles with “getting paid” led to a meditation that gave me a formula that I still use today:

$ = energy, effort, education & time

My eyes opened to the reality that my car insurance (etc.) would not get paid if I didn’t create exchange for my energy, efforts, education and time. My integrity does not allow me to do readings without certain things. I need sacred space, both physical and spiritual. In order to dedicate myself to this work I have to surrender. Surrender as a complete and total act. This work is my life. There is energy and effort in every moment of every day dedicated to being a Lightworker, holding space for communication, clients and spirituality. When I aligned with my work, my gifts, my abilities and my surrender, things (finally) began to run smoothly.

So, I asked myself, am I guarding what Annette wants because it is an income resource? Honestly, I can say no. (The meditation Annette asked about is on my Free Meditations web page!) Why then? My guides spoke simply, why use something from someone else when what you receive from your own divinity is stronger? That was it! I realized that anything that Annette advertised or gave away must come from her. What comes from her guidance will be much stronger than anything from anyone else. We talked about it, and she is going to go into meditation (she is a Journey to Your Garden graduate) and ask her guides for something to promote, something special to her and for her.

This felt complete, until later that day when Leah came for a reading. Leah spoke of research she found on-line about sacred geometry. Fascinating stuff, I listened and asked her to share her resource. Then the guides came in; they talked about what happens when we listen to others above ourselves. Imagine yourself talking to someone, each of you in a Pillar of Light. Think of yourself listening carefully, even bending over to hear clearly. You are listening so intently that you begin to merge with the consciousness of the person talking, looking to their resources for more information about an interesting subject.

Both Leah and I were leaning closely, energetically, to the information about sacred geometry. My spiritual guides told us, “Don’t resign to it. Maintain your Pillar of Light, connect at the over-soul (high-self) and learn at higher frequencies. If you rely on another, you put their words before your own team of Ethereals. Stay connected and aware of yourself first, others second.” As I explained this message to Leah, actually drawing people in Pillars of Light, bending toward someone, it dawned on me: it’s the same message.

When we love something, we move toward it. People, places, information, etc. But if we surrender to it, the thing we love, we are actually resourcing energy from a person, and that is not appropriate. I am not the originator of words, or prayers or spiritual guidance. I am the conduit, writer and speaker of divine inspiration. I take it seriously, I live it, but you are your own highest resource. Not the Internet, not a class and not me. We listen, which is wonderful, but take those words into meditation or contemplation and examine them. Squeeze them like a sponge full of sacred elixir and water the seed of your own precious thoughts.

Asking for advice, spiritual guidance or opinions is a wonderful way of opening. We all need that, we need those moments of alignment when something someone says breaks through our pain-enforced barriers and we heal. But we must remember that inspiration is from the Divine, no matter who it is through, a channel (like me), a friend, an enemy… And no matter how things move, your movement is the responsibility of you, you in your Pillar of Light, guided guarded and protected. You are your most valuable resource. We all need assistance sometimes, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and I am here to help, but please remember to hold yourself in highest regard. Love the temple you live in, and all the amazing resources that come with it.

In gratitude,


PS: Are you wondering what meditation is so wonderful that people want to use it for advertising? It’s the Light Raising. I learned it from Cindy Fox and through a series of interactions with my guides.  I use is before every Journey To Your Garden meditation. I don’t technically even own it… So can Annette use it? Borrow it? Absolutely, it may put her out of integrity, but that is another story. The moral of this story is that we all have things hovering over our spiritual heads, waiting for a divine moment to enter into our lives. If we are busy looking at what others are doing, we may be missing out on what Spirit offers us. Be the Divine Receiver that you are!





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