Floating the Double Grand Trine

On July 29th, 2013, astrology offered us a unique opportunity. We experienced the alignment of six planets. I was floating on a National Scenic River in Southern Missouri, in a kayak. What a blessing. My husband and I took a two week vacation to Missouri for my high school reunion and visiting. We started in the most serene and beautiful place that I have ever known: Eminence, Missouri. I have been to many beautiful places, but Eminence (a small town among small towns) offers me something extra: heritage. My first visit must have been when I was very small, because I have known it always. Since my early years I have known that Eminence is located at the convergence of two rivers, Jacks Fork and Current; that it is small with a pricey grocery store and that it’s magical.

This place, Eminence, Missouri is not a playful fairyland with mossy rocks you can lie upon. It’s a dangerous, wild, scary place where you must watch out for venomous snakes and other wild life. The woods are dense and dark like a lowland rain forest, if it’s wet. The land is hot and dry in a drought, radiating heat that makes you dizzy. I once thought of Missouri humidity as a hug for my lungs, but that thought was fleeting. It is more like steam, if you respect it and use it appropriately everyone will survive. Things grow like crazy in Missouri. Plants, tomatoes, flowers, mosquitoes and hellgrammites. (See pic, they are 3+ inches long with pincers!)

The Eminence of my childhood is full of stories, teasing and legends. Hunting, fishing, murder, feuds, battles, kindness, family and more family. During my recent trip, a man I have never met drove by my uncle’s cabin, stopped and said, “Who are you?”

I replied, “I am Holly, Harold’s niece.” Which I am, but Uncle Harold died in 2000, anyone asking would know that, so I didn’t explain.

The man said, “Well then, I am your cousin.” In a thick southern MO drawl.

Sure enough, he is my cousin. We invited him up for a visit and I wrote down the trail of relatives. Turns out Chris Brewer and I are fourth cousins on my mom’s side.  The next day I met another distant cousin, Amy, who told me, “We are all related down here. You just have to go back far enough.”

Reminds me of what my other cousin, Marsha, said: Don’t date anyone from down here, you might be related.

I didn’t float down the Current on Monday because of the Star of David in the sky, it just unfolded with perfect precision. Now, I can look back and see myself being held by a magnificent waterway, powered by springs flowing from underground. During the float I settled into my spiritual self and talked to the river. She scared me. I could feel her raw power and I offered my reverence and gratitude for the peaceful current I drifted upon. She is a mighty force, like the wild woods of Southern Missouri. I step lightly there, watching carefully. This time I was taken care of, nurtured, entertained, blessed. I am so grateful.

Upon my return, life was waiting with dirt and worry and bills and work; all the stuff I forgot for two weeks. The inner peace I discovered is now a precious commodity I am coveting inside my being. As a result of the energy influx from the Double Grand Trine, there are people experiencing chaos and uproar in their lives. As always, I offer myself in service to Christ Consciousness Light, so I made time to check in about the new energy and asked my guides their perspective. This is what I received:


Current River, Eminence, Mo.

During the recently alignment of stars and planets your guides and angels were prepared, not with their intentions, but with yours. Each prayer, request, yearning and goal is held sacred by your team of enlightened beings. What happened for you? Were you ready to leap into your future? Were you holding ideas that no longer serve you, hence creating chaos or resistance? Look into the mirror of your reality and ask yourself, “How can I create so that I am happy? How can I create so that I am at peace? How can I accept change?”

Each moment in your dimension is a dynamic opportunity to grow, learn and love. Remember, we hold no judgment or criticism. Find the source of any negativity in your life and search for its seed. Is it in this lifetime or another? Can it be healed with prayer or do you need help? These questions will help you direct energy and consciousness to your growth and happiness. We are always pleased to offer our help, but only do so when asked. What else to remember? Just that: ask.

This is an important reminder. We give our guides, angels and Light Beings directives through our thoughts and prayers. Take time to organize your mind. If your thoughts are not in balance, how can your life reflect balance? “Look into the mirror of your reality…” That statement touches a deep part of me, it reminds me that I am creating and if I want to know exactly what, all I need to do is look around.

Thank you for participating in creating Light in your world and shining it out for all to see.



PS: read more here about the Double Grand Trine from mysticmomma.com




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