Good God/dess I’m Grateful!

What’s a GGIG? My stepson is a professional musician, so I hear the word gig a lot. He gigs and is gigging and it pays his bills when he is gigged up. I may have stretched that a bit… But in that light, I would like to introduce a new concept: GGIG. From the title, you will see that it’s an acronym for “Good God/dess I’m Grateful!”

God/dess is my shortcut for God/Goddess; I like to bring the divine feminine into the picture. A represented balance of Source energy witnessed as a genderless entity. I usually say God, but my sense is that the energy it not male or female. Sylvia Browne explains this idea as Father God and Mother God, two separate entities. Either way, GGIG is appropriate when you are expressing gratitude. You can say God or Goddess or whatever you want, just find a moment and express. I am suggesting a GGIG movement. To participate you have to be able to muster up some energy. This isn’t a meditative exchange with your guides. Get up, jump in the air and yell, “Good God/dess, I’m Grateful!” Shout it to people on the streets.

This is a germ free, non-space-invading technique sure to catch on. Imagine sitting at the DMV, suddenly someone jumps up and says, “Good God, I’m Grateful!” Would you smile? Feel embarrassed? What would you do?

We can print plastic bracelets: GGIG. Imagine a billboard of the Verizon guy, “Can you here me now? GOOD God/dess, I’m GRATEFUL!” We can take this somewhere, people! And it all starts with gratitude.

I do have silent, passive, deep gratitude. While meditating I thank the amazing guides I talk to, I appreciate their messages and adore their wisdom. After communication, I sit and pray for the Divine to shower my guides with gratitude. Yet sometimes, I twitch and wiggle and feel the overwhelming need to jump for joy! I absolutely have to raise my voice and speak earnestly to someone who will understand. That is a GGIG moment. Do you ever feel that way? Does energy ever bubble in your solar plexus and make you feel as if you have something joyful and amazing to give?

New energies are upon us, my friends. We are transitioning, healing, learning and experiencing faster each day. There is so much for which to be grateful. With all the energy bulked up into our tiny third dimensional bodies, we could implode. Avoid messy outcomes, have a GGIG moment. Share the love.

Blessings and Good God/Goddess I am grateful~


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