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Have you ever noticed that young people think adults are old and that their childhoods were in ancient times? When I say ‘olden times’ my kids nod and I know they are thinking of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. The nineteen 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. I, on the other hand, can remember those decades too clearly to call them olden, golden or ancient. I am only 46. The backside of my forties, rounding up to 50 if you are counting pennies.

No matter what your age, the old are always older, the young younger. There is one thing that I believe bridges the gap of age or generation, and that is spirituality.

Sometimes I imagine extension cords hanging from the sky. When we learn something we plug into one of those cords and receive, the same way we plug a fan into a wall socket and it receives electricity. This analogy came from my guides years ago when I wondered why some people knew how to channel Reiki and others didn’t. How does one person teach another to channel healing energy after a weekend workshop? I was shown that it was a matter of aligning to certain frequencies and opening to them, like plugging into an extension cord. A teacher knows the way and can give you great directions. I learned Reiki from such a person waaaay back in the early 90’s. Nineteen hundred nineties, of course.

That was a significant turning point in my spirituality. I drove to Lincoln, Nebraska, where a friend was teaching the class. Gathered, with about 10 other people, I felt the charge of being surrounded by healers. In my mind I was the most inexperienced, I had no idea I would hear spiritual guidance so clearly someday.

In hindsight, I see that the skill of channeling Reiki was one flower in a large bouquet. While giving readings I hear spiritual guides explain to people that Reiki, and other healing modalities, teach one to channel healing through their hands. Hands-on healing modalities teach us to access our higher consciousness, or high-self or oversoul. We become the extension cord.

I encourage my clients to learn a healing modality specifically to ignite their personal healing abilities. It doesn’t matter whether you choose Reiki, Healing Touch, Jin Shin, Cranial Sacral, Arch®, etc. When you tap into any healing archive it’s like a garage with many tools, it’s hard to just take the one you came for. Why not use a few more; after all it’s your garage.

An additional bonus to taking a workshop is the effect of gathering. There are times when our ‘problems’ become magnetic fields, pulling in others with the same issue so that we can heal together. Our high-selves are crafty, maybe even employing a trick to two to get us to a particular place at the right time. If you sense healing happening in a group, use your psychic gifts to check it out. Look for a particular energy, color or healing light that seems to be affecting everyone.

I would say healing brought us together in Lincoln, Nebraska all those years ago at my Reiki class. I believe we are all in search of healing, clearing and alignment to our Divine Light. Have you felt that pull? Each of us has an inner GPS navigating our road to spiritual success. It’s our destiny, purpose and soul desire. Our pictures may be painted differently, we have choices and free will, but ultimately we are here to work together. Within groups we can heal and be healed. By presenting our most Lighted, healed selves we show up as healers for others. By presenting our hearts and vulnerability we show up to be healed.

It’s amazing the exchange we create in groups, and what’s even more amazing is this: it can happen anywhere. In the ‘olden times’ nearly everyone went to church. People didn’t ask if you went to church, they asked where you went to church. Churches still exist and some thrive, but more often you find people relaxing on Sunday mornings at home. Our churches have changed. We are children of the age of decision, not parental influence. We are modern in our spirituality and proud of it. So where, then, do we gather? Can you clear and heal an issue over the Internet? How do we gather for healing?

My personal answer is Connect With Spirit. When my guides began speaking to me, (or maybe I should say when I began listening) I was told to gather people for spiritual connection. This began at a Unity Church in Loveland, Colorado and has moved around on the Front Range for seven years now. The gatherings are informal but structured. We usually talk a bit; I set space with prayer then settle in a meditative place and allow my guidance to speak through me. People ask questions and receive answers.

I am always interested in feedback. The most common thing I hear is: someone asked the question I wanted to ask, and I healed with the answer. Imagine that you were sitting in a group; a spiritual group with focused intention and each person was related to you in some way. Not through blood or marriage, but through spiritual connection. And imagine that each person had an extension cord plugged into Light. What kind of healing could come from all those Lightworkers sitting in one room, drawn together by the magnetic force of common healing?

Wow! Imagine the powerful shifts and clearings. Maybe you will attend a Connect With Spirit class someday, or follow your instinct to a spiritual gathering nearby; which may be church. If you come to one of my classes, please introduce yourself and let me know you read this blog.

I look forward to healing with you,


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