Not always, there is no conspiracy between carrots or peas. Blue or orange. Hot or cold.

However, there is a controlling force in this Universe that uses negative energy against us when we align completely with one side or another.

It’s quite simple. Balance resides in the middle and any time you lean to much one way or another, you reach imbalance. That is the exact time dark forces (for lack of a better term) pour an influx of energy into the cause.traintrack


Because when we are occupied with obsession we forget things that illuminate. We forget to ground and connect with our High Selves. We forget to check in with Creator Energy to make sure each thought is accurate.

As in politics?

I will leave that discovery up to you. Let’s use a family as an example. Let’s say the dad wants to watch football. He announces it one night at dinner, “Sunday is football day and everyone must watch.” Four faces look at him with surprise. The mother thinks: No, Sunday is for reading; I can’t wait to get to my book. Three kids scowl and try to figure our how to change his mind. Over the next few days the family squares off. Dad says, “What? You don’t like football?”

Kid #1, “Well, no, it’s not that, I just don’t know what I want to do with my day yet.” Kid #1 represents resistance. He’s just plain old stubborn.

Kid #2, “I refuse to watch grown men attack each other and cause potentially permanent damage!” Kid #2 represents righteousness. No longer are the players allowed to make their own decisions about what they do.

Kid #3, “Dad, why are you deciding this for everyone?  We could get another TV and watch two things. I can help this work out!” Kid #3 is the pleaser. #3 wants everyone to be happy.

Meanwhile, mom lifts her eyebrows. She wonders if there is something beyond this idea of watching TV and calls a family meeting. “Let’s give everyone a moment to voice their opinions and then discuss our options.” Mom is the mediator and, thank goodness, she is open to something outside the dynamics.

When we are controlled, we tend to bully up against the control. We become the resistance. The opposition. During these moments of resistance, we often take the opposing side, sometimes just to make a point.

Let’s change the football into a bible; Dad wants to go to church. Or a menu, Dad wants to take everyone out to eat. Change the metaphor until you find your own resistance; look for where you say, “No way! I am not doing that, you can’t make me.” If you find that place in yourself, you have located the key to learning about your own opposition.

Currently, you may feel a strong emotion about politics. That may be your way in; if you are sorely disappointed, or even elated, with the elections results, start there. Our success as spiritual beings person-on-mountain-topprecariously balances on our ability to transmute hate. Hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is a trick to make us feel powerful in an emotion that is toxic to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Hate is the rust of our society.

It can eat through strength, honor and integrity. Feeling strongly against something feeds into negativity, which is fodder for the dark. Whether you believe in a battle between dark and light or not, you surely believe in the positive benefits of feeling better. Don’t you?

On a Lightpath, we are always excavating the sub-conscious for causes of strife. A past life can align us with an abhorrent feelings. Or a childhood experience. The causes are there and they are real, however, the results of hate are not pleasant.

Opposition works against its opposing force, it’s a war that cannot be won.

I encourage everyone to find what they hate and study it. Discover what has distracted you from being the grounded, Source-connected being that you are. In our Pillars of Light, we are empowered; we are knowledgeable, with access to wisdom that comes from high frequencies of Light.

That is how we can see what is best, and choose based on circumstances instead of alliances to something that may or may not be healthy. Watch for the inner confines of resistance, righteousness and people pleasing. These are dangerous attributes that pull us from our path of Light.


Wishing you balance,