Yes, 2017 will be a spiritual year. Numerologically speaking, 2017 is a “1” year. 17yearThat means it will be easier to be “vertical”, as in grounded to the core of Earth and connected to the I Am Presence.

If you are reading this, you likely already meditate and strive for Vertical Alignment. Consider how this will affect those that don’t. They will crave something more, and you may be the person they ask for help.

Prepare yourself, no matter where you are on your path, you may be the teacher. Someone you know might be suffering with “pancaked” energy and not even realize that they can manifest an easier life by practicing a few simple spiritual concepts.

 You may be the one to loan a book or suggest a movie. You may be the one to turn the other cheek, reply positively or show compassion. There is never a time on a learning path where we are not teachers. Our paths are not linear with those in front and those behind. We bounce around like cells, bumping into each other.

handshakeAs if each one of us were coated in paint, we leave a mark on whom we touch. And we become fragments of each other, yet individual artwork akin to nothing else. As the original and only you, there is a particular color of paint you can gift. This color is needed, wanted. It may be passed through a handshake if we are attuned to gentleness. However, we often doubt our brilliance and those that need it take drastic measures to squeeze a drop of us onto their own palettes of life.

Is this a spiritual year? Why yes, it is. But not because of the number or astrology. It is spiritual because you are an ever-evolving aspect of I Am Particle. The true essence of you is Spirit, all moments are your moments and time is your heart

While it’s here, this wonderful time we have, let us all remember our kindness and compassion to those struggling to learn what we know. Instead of wondering what we can get, let us remember to bask in what is now and share it like iced cupcakes to the spiritually hungry.

Let us give more than we want. Let us teach more than we strive. I know it’s in you, in your glowing, radical, loving heart. That heart is full and yearns for nothing, for it is the God/Goddess of all dimensions. I spy, with my little (third) eye, You. In your Divinity; in your grandness.

May you be blessed with your own reflection in this wonderful, opportune year,



PS: Interesting reference for spiritual books:

And a few of my favs:
The Light Shall Set You Free (McCune, Milanovich)
Human Design (Parkyn)
The Four Agreements (Ruiz)
Animal-Speak (Andrews)




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