Arrogance and the Ascended Masters

And what, pray tell, should we do when our frequencies are lowered? Meditate! But you can also try these suggestions: SMILE, write a thank you card, help someone (ask first), clean, release, heal. Send a prayer to Source for s… . . . → Read More: Arrogance and the Ascended Masters

Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

I have support! Maybe I don’t always understand it or accept it, but I am learning. Some part of me knows, and is holding space, just like the teacher. She won’t cave, won’t cater to emotional whims when she knows how strong I am. . . . → Read More: Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

Competition vs. Inspiration

A few days ago I went to fiber art show in Longmont, Colorado. I thought I might take some pictures and write about art, the fiber of life, how we all weave together and create. From the car I grabbed my wallet and camera bag, thinking it would be easy to manage while I was . . . → Read More: Competition vs. Inspiration

Emotional body giving you fits?

Hello Lightworkers!

Many clients have been experiencing emotional body stress. You are likely already familiar with the four main bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We experience our realities through these bodies. You can isolate issues by asking yourself, “Where am I feeling this? Which body holds this feeling?”

If you have asked yourself those . . . → Read More: Emotional body giving you fits?

Clear Water Meditation

Enjoy a quick 18 minute minute guided meditation to clear your energy field and support your physical and emotional bodies. Please share this recording with others.To register for the next free monthly meditation call click here

Identity Crisis and Maile Ngema Lama

I live in the Rocky Mountains. Unless you live in the Rocky Mountains, then I am a flat-lander living on the Front Range of said Rocky Mountains, at only 5000 feet. When I was in high school I lived in the country, unless described by someone in Southern Missouri, then I lived in the city. . . . → Read More: Identity Crisis and Maile Ngema Lama

Should I take a workshop?

Diana Saunders, Cami Walker (author of 29 Gifts) and Holly Burger, at Cami's workshop.

I could start this with ‘confessions of…’ but I have to admit I am the opposite. I am workshop resistant. This might be due to lack of funds; I have often thought of what I would do with education . . . → Read More: Should I take a workshop?

Time Management Guided Meditation

In thirty-five minutes, you will be able to center, ground, connect to your guides, balance your chakras and bliss out. On March 11th, 2012, Holly Burger of led a guided meditation to support you in managing time. This is a free recording! Time management is not about being early or late, it’s about living . . . → Read More: Time Management Guided Meditation

Magic Carpet Ride Meditation

This free Sunday Morning Meditation is a wonderful experience of clearing and healing. I hope that you can download it for your own use. It runs 37 minutes and begins with a light raising. In just over half an hour you can feel closer to your guides and grounded! Why wait? PS: not recommended for . . . → Read More: Magic Carpet Ride Meditation

Entity Kicking

AKA: Why we shouldn’t kick entities.

Last week a client called, she was in a mess. Physically, her foot had swelled up as if it had a baseball inside. Mentally, she felt confused, aggravated and angry.

She wanted a reading. From the human/Holly perspective, I thought that her foot puffed up because she made contact . . . → Read More: Entity Kicking