Dear Friend,

Since I was very young, I have felt the need to pour my thoughts onto paper. In this section of my website you will find stories that I have chosen because they were learning experiences for me.

Some are healings, some are stories I received in readings or meditation.

I would love your feedback if you are touched in any way.

Many blessings,


Me & Patricia Cota-Robles, August 2013-

After an amazing experience I wrote about the World Congress on Illumination. Read it!

Holly’s ThetaHealing Story-

This actually happened! True healing with Viana Stibel.

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Transmuting Anger – Where you born to do it?

This is a long read. I want you to know that so that you can ready yourself. Give yourself a few minutes to align with what has been given to me, and to you. I promise you won’t regret it. We are healing. As beings, as families, as societies. You, me, we have a...

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A Little Trip to Wal-Mart

One Sunday, I went to Walmart, knowing that going on a weekend was just not a great idea. (Let’s get this out of the way: I shop at Walmart. I like/love other stores, but I live rural, and WM is the closest place that meets many of my needs. I support local, mom &...

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Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

This prayer is for each of you who have been trespassed upon no matter how small the trespass. We are affected by words. If you are extremely sensitive, you might even be affected by thoughts. Those who have serious abuse, please

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Deepening My Gratitudes

After years of living Ho’oponopono/Gratitude, studying the Universal gratitude vacuum and practicing until I could roll off a list of gratitudes like a drill sergeant just barked the command, I have learned something new. Here it is:

Speaking what you think you should be grateful for isn’t enough. So when I say, “I am grateful for the trees, sky, seasons, sun, planet, friends, family, pets, love, light, guides, Creator, excellent health, water, animals, money, clients, kindness, income, home, shelter, warm blankets, clothing, food, fruit, utensils, pens, paper, art supplies, scissors, phones, cars, transportation, tools…” it does not have the effect of what you will learn next.

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Eclipse Energy 2017

You have accomplished and learned lessons that make you an important part of future Earth. Your work may be to find stillness and sit. Appreciate every mountain you have climbed, every rock you have clung to in desperation while old ideas released. Remember when you cleaned up family dynamics? Or you loved someone through their process?

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What I hear…

If you have been keeping up with me on Social Media, then you know that I moved to a lake house in Florida. My husband retired and he wanted to live on the water. We are blessed with birds, wildlife, and very special trees. I am not retired. In fact, I am very close...

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The Hail Mary (Entity) Pass 

In the end there is only you and Source/God/Goddess/I Am. (Which is all one, right?) Everyone else is a moment of experience that you are creating. Don’t let those creations be negative projections. We can examine details closely, but must do it free of judgment or we are perpetuating the negative energy. 

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How to Deal with our Political Climate

“What we battle isn’t the ego of who sits on the White House throne. What we battle is the loss of our own ability to learn. We battle the diminishment of humanity. How else to rule? There are entities that want to be served. Who better to serve than a minion that earns their bread? (Metaphor alert: Learn to cook your own hypothetical bread.)”

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Decree of Life, Second Time Around

…In any form, I choose Light, the essence of the I Am, over all other choices…No matter how far I must climb, I will find the high road. This means, no matter the difficultly, I will live in Light and truth versus suffering, lies, guilt, shame or greed…My (energetic) cleanliness, clears the divine path, for I Am the voice of God/Goddess, therefore I commit to be free of negative entities, thought forms, implants, isolations, influences and outcomes…

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