This page is dedicated to what Lightworkers need (or want)…


Everyone can use a hand sometimes.

Life as a lightworker may look like this: While balancing all four main bodies (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual) we conduct multi-dimensional lives; juggle tasks, ideas, healing, communication, creativity and desire. Whew, just thinking about it can make one tired!

We can help each other by sharing stories, helping each other to build our repertoire of lightworking tools. Do you have an inspiring story? If you would like to share, please email it to:, mention “inspiration” in the subject line.

Remember, you can always search a topic. Look at the right hand column of any page of this website for the search box.

We would like to share:

–Pocket Prayer Book: Excerpts from Divine Accordance available on Amazon!!

–Holly’s ThetaHealing Story

–Radiant Love Mandala (free HUGE jpg for your computer screen, wall, meditations or whatever creative thing you want to do with it!)

–What do you ask Spirit in a reading with Holly?


–Free guided Meditations with Holly Burger!

–Prayers (Free! A few gifts for you from Holly’s little Pocket Prayer Book.)


May you be blessed one thousand times today.

Check this out! (Holly’s amazing and appreciated assistant!)

lightBLOG (Lots of links, ideas, techniques and general light info!)