Holly’s ThetaHealing Story

Healing with Vianna, a True Story by Holly Burger

June 13, 2006

On the second day of DNA Advanced/Thetahealing Instructors Training, I was thinking of my predicament. I can hear my guides, I communicate with Ascended Masters and angels, I watch people heal and know people that perform healings. My life is full of healings, reasons to heal and healers. But, I am not healed. In July of 1999, I had a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis and chronic pain. The previous ten years were a battle with PMS, fatigue and many other symptoms. Six months later, I was shocked when diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Exhaustion was ruling my life.

After a gauntlet of practitioners; eastern and western medicine, woo-woo healers, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, channels and more, I focused on my inner knowing and attempted to live in a fatigued state. If someone asked, I would say I had the ‘symptoms’ of fibromyalgia, not wanting to claim it or create it.

I took vitamins and herbs, and generally kept everything at an even keel. Exercise or stress could trigger flair ups, resulting in a recovery situation. Excursions could bring on anything from insomnia to weeks of rest. Late in 2005 my lower back began hurting. Not so unusual, so I ignored it. By the end of January 2006 I realized it was a problem. Another diagnosis, kidney stones. More pain, more fatigue, more issues.

When class stopped for afternoon break on that fateful Tuesday, June 6, 2006, I found myself standing in front of Vianna. It wasn’t until later that I wondered exactly how I got there. I asked Vianna, “I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but it just doesn’t seem right. Do you know what thought forms I can try to locate to release this?”

She took my hand and looked into my eyes. “Do you have a heart murmur?” she asked. As my mouth formed the word no, I paused. “Yes, yes I have been told that. They told me to take medication before I went to the dentist, which I didn’t want to do, so I ignored it.” I remembered hearing this information during physicals.

Behind me, the class was preparing to learn more about ‘digging’, chairs were moving and I suddenly found myself sitting in the middle of 80 or so people. Vianna had asked me if she could dig on me. NO! My mind shouted NO! I started shaking and said, “Yes.” Suddenly I was a guinea pig. I so badly wanted a session with Vianna, but she talked about not working on people anymore and class seemed so demanding, so I didn’t ask. Vianna reiterated our conversation to the class adding, “She says she has a heart murmur, when I look I see a mitral valve prolapse. She is in constant pain. She lives by sheer will.”

Maybe a normal person would break down. I didn’t. I felt busted, exposed and strangely, safe. Long ago, I learned that my sore muscles and daily complaints made people uncomfortable. Someone once said, “Oh, you don’t think I hurt.” This treatment gave me a talent, at will I could shut down. So I sat, among peers, frightened and shocked.

I looked at Vianna but lost track of our conversation. Luckily, my friend Claudia wrote furiously during the healing. Claudia and I worked together several years chasing the fibro tail; she knew my frustration and level of suffering. Later, she told me that she cried as she wrote, maybe the tears I couldn’t shed.

“Do you see what she is doing?” Vianna asked the class. She is present, attentive, but no emotion. She is disassociating herself from the circumstances.” Vianna continued scanning my body. She said that I was under-oxygenated with severe adrenal stress and likely kidney stress. “True story,” I told the class. She told us I could get Addison’s disease. Then she mentioned fibroid cysts in my breasts, which is completely accurate. She saw tooth grinding, a mouth infection and heavy metals. Vianna asked if I was nearsighted or had astigmatism. She mentioned high levels of manganese probably from my mother. I knew about each of these, except the manganese. When Vianna said, “Her colon is full of parasites and I can see her neck is out in four places.” I again told the class, “True story.” My emotions continued to hold when Vianna told the class: “She is in constant pain with the weight of the world on her shoulders, look at her back; she is hardly able to hold herself up on her little frame.”

The details continued, a fallen bladder after the hysterectomy (now, that explains a lot!), a lost piece of ovary still in my abdomen surrounded by scar tissue, three kidney stones, clear resentment (especially of self). Oh, and guilt.

Scar tissue was the primary reason for the hysterectomy. It surrounds endometriosis and sometimes causes pain.“The liver,” Vianna raised her eyebrows, “do you think her liver is in bad shape? It’s not; it’s doing all the work! It needs support.” She began the digging. I knew some issues, so I voiced them. I told Vianna and 80+ ‘friends’ that I felt guilty about not being able to remember very much about when my daughter learned to walk. As a young mother, I used drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of a divorce. In my mind, I asked for forgiveness as memories from regretful fights with my family flashed before me. Vianna asked, “Would you like to learn to live without anger and regret?” The healing began. Well, not really. She must have been commanding healing all along, but the healing began registering with me. I became afraid.

She locked onto something else, overwhelm. Since I was a kid things have seemed so hard for me. I often feel overwhelmed hosting a birthday party or event. It’s nerve racking for me to be asked too many questions at once. This led to my detachment. I felt I would “lose it” or go “ballistic” if I really felt what was happening. She asked if I would like to know that it’s safe to live without feeling overwhelmed and without going ballistic. Yes!

She helped me release feelings of abandonment by God and my mother. Vianna dug until I located a root fear. Somewhere in my mind, I worried that I would end up in a dark place being eaten alive. Things pulling at my skin, biting me, eating and eating, like piranhas. I saw a lonely, dark, hellish place with things eating away at me. I said, “I am afraid of the entities that eat at me in the dark.”

I felt tears rolling down my cheeks; I knew she had found the place that held my health issues. For so many years, I have felt the eating and tearing and fear, the exhaustion. But never did I realize that it was a place, or a circumstance.

From the dark place, I heard Vianna speak, “See yourself as God sees you.” I looked down, seeing myself, I was becoming light. I relayed the vision, “I am Light with iridescence, bright beautiful Light. I see a rainbow at the edge, soft pearlescent colors, pink, blue, yellow, orange. There are wings.”

When prompted, I looked out to see the eaters were moving away. It seemed they are lost interest in me, they kept moving farther and farther away. Vianna spoke of a program of ‘failing God’. It seems my separation was one thing, but my guilt another. In my struggles, I allowed masculine energy to become strong and protect me, now I am more balanced.

Vianna gave me herbs for cleansing/building the liver and d-phenylalanine for pain. Within 15 minutes, I felt energetic and clear. The healing continues as I write this one week later. I suspect the thought forms will continue surfacing and releasing. While my liver gains strength, I am resting. My prayers of gratitude continue to go out to Vianna and all the wonderful beings of Light assisting us.

Holly Burger
Lightworkers Alliance

PS: On June 14, eight days after the healing I went to an annual gynecological exam. Dr. Amanda Murchison of Longmont, Colorado detected NO HEART MURMUR.