Feel Good Pop-Up Events is Born


A while back, I was invited to attend a marketing event as a vendor. The marketing company explained that everything I offered must be free. When I meditated on the idea, my guides suggested a menu and conversation. I purchased promo items and created a way to do short, light readings.

May you be blessed one thousand times today.

May you be blessed one thousand times today.

(True story: I purchased miniature animals and put them in a bag. People drew an animal and I gave them a short readings about whatever came up. I put unicorns in the bag, among other animals. There were all kinds of funny things happening that day.)

Not only did the marketing work, almost everyone I invited came to the event, it was a blast. There was laughter, joy, and a general good time.

So why not do it again, I thought. When I mentioned the idea to my friend Myhhr, she said she had thought of the same thing. In that moment, Feel Good Pop-up Events was born. It took us a minute to get the name and details had to be worked out for liabilities. Like a flower, FGPU opened from a simple idea, to give something away. If you offer something free to your clients, and several other people do the same, you will end up with a room full of people receiving. The energy is incredible.

We plan to give. It’s our motto, creed and general intention. But, why give? There are some practical applications to this type of event. We are in business. We want more clients. Why not gather like-minded business owners and target advertise? For me, it’s the best of both worlds. I can have fun, give things away and get to know people who may be interested in my work.

blessedFor practical matters, Myhhr and I decided that having something small for sale (under $10) would be okay as long as it did not distract from the free item. At that first show, I sold prayer books for $7.99 and that paid for my gasoline and a cocktail. I gave away pens, flyers (nylon Frisbee dealios), notebooks (if you booked a reading) and the miniature animal readings. I have plans for more fun. Giving is snowballing in my world!

If you feel you can’t give or have nothing, please look into your heart. Giving is the sledgehammer to abundance blocks. The Universe answers. Anyone can offers hugs, smiles or compliments! Please check out a FGPU event if you are in Colorado. Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FeelGoodPopUp/. Stay tuned for what is next!

Many blessings to you,


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