One Sunday, I went to Walmart, knowing that going on a weekend was just not a great idea.

(Let’s get this out of the way: I shop at Walmart. I like/love other stores, but I live rural, and WM is the closest place that meets many of my needs. I support local, mom & pops, artisans, organic food, and apparently, Walmart.)

While in the return line, ten minutes into my shopping trip, I was getting annoyed. Someone pushed their cart up behind mine while I was looking at a display. My eyes said: LADY! I can’t fit into that tiny crevice between our carts. So. Back. Off.

She didn’t pay any attention to me.

In my mind: “GOD! What is happening. Ugh. I can’t believe I am already having a dysfunctional experience. Why did I come here on a Sunday? I need a Light bubble around me. Like ten feet. Can you do that? Please?”

I was next up. What a nice transaction with a sweet woman! A few minutes later I was cart to cart at an isle intersection and I smiled and said, “Go ahead.” It was her right-away. Legally. According to the cart-lane-boxstore-code-of-ethics.

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She smiled, “Oh no, you go.”

Me, “Really?” Big smile.

Her, “Yes, please, I insist.”

So I rolled into checking things off my list, searching around, when it happened again.

Me, “Oops! Sorry about that!” I was in the wrong.

Old dude, “That’s okay, you go ahead.”

Me, “Oh! Thank you!”

That was when I realized that the tides had changed. Good things were happening, and I knew right away that my prayer had worked!

So what’s the moral of the WM story?

Lightworkers have tools, but we also have two issues. One is memory. The second is fight or flight.

Our memories trigger us into fight or flight. We tend to reduce our light into a tiny peanut of a flame to protect it. We reduce what protects us. It is just plain silly. But here I am, with nearly a quarter of a century of experience doing Lightwork (in this life) and I still hid myself because I was going out in public. I still said a prayer and didn’t actually believe it would happen.

The moral of this story is that your Light is your protection. Your prayers can be your commands. Your Light is not a wish or hope, it exists. You may be flawed, hurting, off-balance, preoccupied or otherwise humanly distracted, but your Light is not.

Try these affirmations when out in the world:

I am guided, guarded, and protected.

I command my Light to surround me ten feet in all directions and protect me from negative energy.

I am a whole and complete being and am creating a happy experience.

I love humanity and welcome love from humanity.

I allow my Light to emanate the highest frequencies appropriate for this experience.

I am grounded to the core of Earth and connected to Source.


What are your affirmations? What do you do to create a peaceful, easy, and comfortable life?


May you be blessed in all your interactions,




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