A Morning Message About Self Love

This morning I was reading through Facebook posts and I came across something a friend said and under his comments, something caught my eye: a name from my past. So I clicked the profile and found out my former friend is successful. Very successful.   

 When I knew this person, she was not successful; in fact she was a broken mess. Although she was always able to manifest money, her personal life was extremely unhappy. One click led to another and then I was watching her on a video. She talked about things like vulnerability, and wow did she look good. She’s thin, but always has been. Gorgeous, again, that hasn’t changed. But she seemed happy and centered, like someone breathing into each moment.

 Where did my mind go? South; the opposite direction of North, or true north or up or into Divinity. I went straight into my insecurity, my ego, and lower thoughts. What makes someone a success? I began to think of yoga, and how my joints complain. Diets? What will be the next food deprivation I will create for myself? Tall, I must get taller.

It took me a good fifteen minutes of negative thinking before I was able to laugh at myself. My former friend wasn’t telling me to be like her, she was reminding me to clean up the past and be like me. In a round-about way.

After I had a chuckle at myself I looked around at the house I’ve been in for over twenty years, the safe, solid, precious home that I love. I looked at my chubby legs and thought, “I love you. You are mine and I love you.” I thought about Facebook likes versus what it means to be part of someone’s foundation. I mean really, if I have more Facebook likes does that mean that I am doing my soul’s work?

 Sometimes, Spirit sneaks in a little message about my work. Every once in a while I see someone that I helped, and I can see my work in their foundation. I can actually see where I helped them energetically. Maybe we worked on clearing and they launched after. Or possibly we connected something they were afraid to embrace, or perhaps we healed something together. “We” being me, the person, and all of our guides and angels and Christ Consciousness Light beloveds that show up in readings.

Did I do work with this former friend? Yes. Am I part of her present story? Her success, her beauty? The answer is yes, but not because I “did” something or I “am” something. I helped her, and she helped me in the way that we open each other. And now I am helping her a little more, by loving her and being so happy for her success. And she is helping me by making me question my life and then settle into a new form of appreciation. We are each blessed with opportunities to open into self love. Don’t deny your space for that self love. Don’t supply your mind with another reason to belittle your chubby thighs or thin hair or creaky joints. Stand up to negative banter, quiet the chatter and love yourself.

If you get a message from someone you used to know, like I did, bless that person. If you helped them in any way, you will be connected through that help and your blessings will find their way back to you. It’s the way our Universe works. So please remember to keep your thoughts positive and loving. They will bless you twice.

Love and light,


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