Adapting to Energy Influx Meditation

On June 10th, 2012 Holly Burger of Lightworkers Alliance led a free guided meditation teleclass. This meditation can help you to set sacred space and to raise your vibrational frequency and more easily adapt to the new energies that are available. Within this lighted frequency all of your bodies can balance and be in optimal alignment. The meditation offers many visualizations that are easily referenced whenever you feel the need to realign. Holly offers a free monthly meditation teleclass, to sign up for the next one visit

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  • lisa Teitscheid

    Hello Holly….Thank you so much for your wonderful meditations. I only use them now because I don’t travel into space when I use your meditations. A question though. It seems like when I move into different dimensions…not sure what to call it. My body gets this strange flush through my head and back. Its like I go into this intense mmmmm experience. I always start with loads of white in and out. Later change to pink or purple colors usually. They come and go very quickly with a black hole in the middle. Sometimes I can see through this hole and I see clouds. When I go through the body thing I see other colors all around. When you offer a class please let me know. Any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you so so very much for all you do.

    • Holly Burger

      Hello Lisa,
      It sounds like you have a very strong gift for clairvoyance, which means clear-seeing. I don’t know what all this excitement means, but it sounds fascinating! I will be hosting a Journey to Your Garden meditation class very soon, I will add your name to the list and notify you. During the class we learn step by step how to communicate and understand messages. Until you have more education, you might be relying on something from another lifetime. Be careful, memories from the past tend to lend us partial faculties, which means we can end up following a light or vision and land outside of our safe zones. Keep meditating, ask you guides for protection and stay in your pillar of Light. Remember, everything can come to you. Thank you for writing and listening to my meditations! Love and blessings, Holly

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