Arrogance and the Ascended Masters

Recently, I gave a reading to a client of ten years or so, let’s call her Ellen. We have a good rapport and she understands how the guides communicate. After, I was surprised when Ellen called me to talk about something: The Guides said she was arrogant.

What? Are you sure?56219_1463073378296_1277334097_31099938_3278763_o

I don’t always remember what is said in readings. This is both convenient and disarming. I would love the education, poetic vocabulary and in cases like this, understanding. What could they have meant by calling someone arrogant? Surely this must be a misunderstanding.

I listened to the recording. They DID say it! They claimed Ellen had an “arrogance” about meditation. They explained: An arrogant thought is a thought holding to an idea that supports a belief about something being “right”. Meaning that the arrogant thought can make something be a certain way that we believe is right. The right way, isn’t that how we want to do things?

The Guides claimed Ellen had an arrogant thought that she applied to her meditation practice. We learned that when one believes that meditation is the key to ascension, they are wrong. According to the Guides, there is no key. Meditation is not mandatory for high frequencies, nor for heaven or any good thing we perceive to be from Creator, Source or God/Goddess. And if we believe we have a leg-up because we meditate, we have an arrogant thought.

If we believe we are behind because we don’t meditate, we are attached to an arrogant thought.

Judging, once again, deters the love and light available to us. Ellen believed that she was not serving her highest good because her meditation practice was in a lull. Not true, they said. In fact, a meditator that works hard on communion, but doesn’t release negative thinking will suffer more than a positive thinker who meditates occasionally.


For years I have worried about any lack of meditation that might plague my life. Vacations? Sleeping in? Sick? Tired? Cat sleeping in meditation chair? What if I…. (embarrassed to admit) forgot? Two demerits on the ascension ladder? No, the Guides tell me. We are not judged so harshly. Meditation is a way to elevate our thinking, to put aside mental body and ego so that we have clearer thoughts and ultimately a connection with our High Selves. By connecting with our High Self, we can learn to hear/see/feel our Guides. Connection, high YOU are beautiful!frequency and vibration are all served by consistency. Negative thought lowers frequency.

I once asked my Guides about cursing and they said the same thing: It lowers your frequency. And what, pray tell, should we do when our frequencies are lowered? Meditate! But you can also try these suggestions:

SMILE, write a thank you card, help someone (ask first), clean, release, heal. Send a prayer to Source for someone else. Donate. Be kind to yourself and/or others. Give yourself a break, as in mentally—or emotionally. Roll in the grass, giggle, swing, play, laugh out loud, tell a joke, give a compliment. Love. Make art. Give art. Build a card house. Make wind noises and blow card house down. Act silly, heart-centered and ridiculous.

Build that list! Life doesn’t need negative restriction and judgment, you can have freedom by living in the Light and feeling the Divine Happiness that is innate.

Thanks to Ellen for bringing this back to me. When she re-listened to her recording, she had an epiphany about what an arrogant thought might mean. How it might cause a deficiency in self-confidence. Spirit does work mysteriously, I can’t claim to understand. But if we ask questions, persevere and never-ever-ever give up on believing in the Divine Love that is there for us we can, and will, prevail as conscious beings.

Blessings to you on your spiritual road,






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