Recent discord in my outside world weighs upon me significantly. Osama Bin Laden is, apparently, dead. I watched as people all over our planet celebrated. I felt confused. When I came upon these words from Martin Luther King, Jr. I posted them on my page:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

My husband and I often quote something we heard in a movie, “Don’t be hatin’!” I find it difficult to have a strong connection to current politics and remain spiritual. When I avoid conversations that require taking sides my husband assures, sarcastically, that it’s okay if I want to remain “uninformed”. I admit to enjoying my bubble of light, yet I wonder sometimes if I am in denial.

When I meditate my guides tell me to send Light via Source to places that I worry about. They tell me to be “present with my presence”. The following meditation is from a journal entry that I made in December of 2008.

In meditation I am taken to a place and told, “Dream your perfect life.” That sounds simple enough. Yet when I try I am at a loss. I ask, “God, what’s the perfect dream?”

I hear, “Start with how you feel.”

Ok: I am happy and loved. I love and feel expansive and limitless. I am calm, then active. I am cared for and caring. I feel grateful, in surrender, guided, complete. I feel serene, balanced and healthy.

“What do you see?”

I see gentle loving hands coming to hold me. I see balanced monies, simple surroundings. I see learning; peace, ease and comfort. I see family, friends, laughter.

“What do you know?”

I know that I am me. I know what I love, what I want. I know how to create, how to express and how to receive.

“Who are you?”

I’m not sure. I’m me, but the atmosphere seems different. Ahh – I’m everyone.

“Yes! And what do you want?”

I want happiness and peace for those who don’t know it. I want economy and purity. I want love and Creator to abound!

“Mmm. How do you feel now?”

Attuned. Then, scenery becomes apparent. I see many huge, bright, beautiful flowers. They are amazing and I pick them and throw them in the air! I call to my ethereal teacher. I ask about the flowers. He tells me they are my message for 2009. But, I say, what about the economy? He tells me it’s not difficult to grow flowers without cost. Oh!

I pick more and throw them in the air! Such beauty, such joy!

We sit on a bench, I am happy. I notice my teacher is wearing a formal velvet coat with the trim and buttons. His hair is dark. He wears boots and knee pants of wool. I ask him why? He replies, “This is how you knew me.” Then I am different. Hair up, long gown, dainty hands.

“Yes”, he says, “but your memories must be released or you will be lost to them forever.” Like past lives? “Yes, you can forever clean up your past. But, the past is simply a lock box for an emotion or feeling.”

Purple/Orange Mandala, watercolor

Purple/Orange Mandala, watercolor

Yes, I see.

“Free yourself, beloved. Be present with your presence. Live without regret. Use light and forgiveness. Bless and consume with consciousness. Bless again.”

I suddenly worry about my flowers. I picked them – consumed them.

He explains, “A flower blooms and dies on the vine. It is a great privilege to be loved so much that you are picked.”

Oh! I relax.

“Know, beloved, your wholeness is a matter of perspective. You are never less than whole and never seeking less than wholeness.”

“Anytime you deny a neighbor, you deny yourself.”

My mind’s eyebrows rise. What do you mean?

“Honor self and others via heart frequencies. Urge your mind’s assessment to see beyond to the core desire of each human. Forgive the ways of those lost. Acknowledge them and love them. Your truth shines on theirs.”

Ahhh yes, I think, look inside! Take responsibility – they are equal to me, there is no contest. I am only as great and powerful as I am, and as they are.

My teacher continues, “Yes, beloved, bow before the mirror, kneel before poverty, serve your peers. Then, you will know oneness.”


I think about the last statement. Bow before the mirror, as in surrender to yourself in its present form. Kneel before poverty, we teach each other. What do we learn when others suffer? Serve your peers, very interesting. We usually think of the people we serve as different from ourselves, who are our peers and how do we serve them?

The following prayer came as I contemplated the words from my guides.

Be Present With Your Presence Prayer

Divine Creator, in this moment I ask that my mind be balanced so that I may see my service. Show me how to be present with the presence within. I welcome gentle reminders to love my neighbor, to forgive my judgments, to remember my service.

As I bow before the mirror, please help me to remember Oneness. As I kneel before poverty, help me to know by abundance starts within and I am free of restraints. I am limitless.

As I recognize wholeness, I see that I am whole. As I seek wholeness, I know that I am whole.

Divine Creator of all that is, I welcome assistance. Help me to know my heart, to forgive the ways of the lost, even if they are my ways. I am in truth, I am truth. I shine truth from the Oneness that I Am.

Blessed are those that reflect the truth, for they are me and I am them. We are one. Divine truth reigns free, upon my heart burdens are lifted and I Am free.

In gratitude for the abundant blessings that make up my life, Amen.

(From: Pocket Prayer Book, Excerpts from Divine Accordance by Holly Burger, available here.)


Blessings to all of you managing your lives with Light. We are blessed with so many ethereal resources, but during times of stress or challenge we must help each other. There are opportunities to serve our peers with faith and hope as well as tangibles, like a home cooked meal or a warm coat. We shine for each other; my Light shines yours and your Light shines mine. Together, present with our presence, we can make a difference. As Martin Luther King, Jr. claimed, we can be the Light that drives out darkness.

With love and respect,