Blessing from the Sun Meditation

On August 5th, 2012 Holly Burger of Lightworkers Alliance led a free guided meditation teleclass. Download this short meditation and follow along to receive assistance in clearing your mind, energy fields and chakras. Visualizations can help you feel more grounded, present, awake and aware. Set the stage for balance, harmony and well-being in all areas of your life by intentionally aligning your energy. Holly offers a free monthly meditation teleclass, to sign up for the next Free Monthly Meditation class, visit the Calendar webpage at

4 comments to Blessing from the Sun Meditation

  • Brenda Lowe

    I am assuming that sobbing in my last two meditations is normal. I assume I must be healing but a little frustrating not knowing from what

    • Holly Burger

      Thanks for commenting, Brenda! I think that crying it out is awesome! Don’t worry about what you are releasing, think about the freedom. When you are done, dry your tears and stand up and go have fun. Cry again later. Sometimes, when I know there are tears waiting to release, I watch a sad movie and let it go. It seems like I am crying for the pain on the screen, but emotion triggers me… so it’s my pain, too. Thanks for being strong enough to cry! Blessings – Holly

  • Breezy Carey

    I finally had a few minutes to myself today while my babies were napping. I decided a quick meditation would be a good use of my time! I have a hard time tuning everything out, but I was finally able to do so and focus. I feel so much more relaxed and clear after this meditation. It was exactly what I needed today! I will definitely be doing these more often! Thank you Holly!

    • Holly Burger

      Thank you for commenting, Breezy! I am so happy you found some “me” time and chose one of my meditations. I know it is sketchy with two little ones, getting them to nap at the same time is amazing. Take care and please come back for more “meds”!

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