Client asks: Do you ever get really afraid…?


Question from client:

Hi Holly,

I feel corny asking this but do you ever get really afraid when you hear “end of the world” scenarios? Some groups are running around spouting about it. And all of a sudden I will just get a shockwave of panic run through me. So I give myself as much Reiki as I can which usually helps alot. I feel like I’m the only one, nobody else seems affected, I have to wonder if this is not past life stuff being triggered, I had the same reaction when the earthquake hit Japan, but I seemed to have cleared that sooo…just looking for some affirmation/confirmation. Thanks, (anonymous)

Answer from Holly:

Hi (anonymous),

Blame it on your super powers.

When you have a chance, sit to meditate and imagine strata around the Earth. Layers of thought and energy filled with different things. See if you can correlate these with dimensions. Ask your guides to show you where “fear” energy resides. You may term this in any way that is appropriate for you. Next ask your guides to block that entire strata, or layer of consciousness. (Likely, it will be the 4th dimension.) Give your guides the opportunity to block all fear and negativity, allowing only Christ Consciousness Light. This may involve dividing those layers into more layers.

If no one paid attention to fear it would not exist. Like an unwatered flower it would die without reseeding. Fear, and fear resources, depend on us to amplify, to grow.

You can stop growing fear by identifying where it comes from and blocking it. Don’t worry about the source of the fear. It may be past life, or any other mental memory that you have. It may be ET or some other controlling entity. Allow your guides to heal and protect you through Divine Light.

I hope this helps, (anonymous).




Note: I believe that we all have access to a level of thought called mass consciousness. There are changes happening on our planet. Many of you with slight intuition are leaping into strong psychic abilities. When this begins you might feel overwhelmed with feelings, one of which may be fear, coming from the mass consciousness. My advice is to get grounded, connect with Divine Light, meditate and get a clearing if you feel overwhelmed. Blessings, Holly

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