Dandelion Decision

This is how I learned that NOT making a decision IS making a decision.

My wise friend Cindy was visiting from Seattle, she is a remarkable intuitive. One morning, I asked for her help with a few questions. Meaning: will you check in with your guides for me. Cindy obliged and I grabbed a pen and paper. Cindy said a beautiful prayer to set sacred space for our communication. I have had many readings with Cindy and I felt excited to learn something new.

I asked about clearing and healing anything in the way of opportunity or movement. Was there something inside of me blocking progress, and if so, what is it?

Cindy said, “Put your pen down, you won’t need it for this.” (What? What could possible happen in life that would mean I don’t need a pen?) I put the pen down. Using a technique from Do You Quantum Think? (Dianne Collins, Select Books, 2011), Cindy helped me get into an “observer” position. It took a minute, but Cindy helped me lift out of my thoughts and ideas. From outside of myself I was able to observe me, and guess what I saw… possibility and perfection. Amazingly, in this short pen-less exercise, I was able to reform my thinking habits from small vision to big picture. I could see that what is in the way is small and what is possible is grand.

Then a vision came with an opportunity to heal something from my childhood. My family moved a lot when I was a kid; I went to many different schools. When I went to a new school I evaluated, with a child’s mind, each person, I put some above and some below me. Then I found where I might fit into the primary hierarchy and I got into that position. It was just about in the middle.

I didn’t look for an interesting person. I looked for something familiar. What was it? A red coat? Green eyes? Whatever it was that I looked for as a child, the same instinct still takes over in me. If I feel intimidated or insecure, my reaction is to look for a place to fit in, somewhere that I feel safe.

From that outside “observer” position, I was able to see such potential and possibility that I began to heal the old insecurities. Then Spirit gave me a metaphor about a dandelion. Imagine the plant from a side view, roots included. The root represents the core of an issue manifesting in your life. As the root feeds and grows the plant begins to show up in the outer world. It looks for more input from giving resources, like the Sun. Then it flowers and each flower goes to seed, from each of those seeds, as we all know, a strong dandelion can emerge.

This was a strong metaphor: we seed our manifestations in such abundance that they can pop up anywhere, just like dandelions. Spirit showed me a weed, a rampant thought, one that spreads quickly, fiercely without regard. Without realizing it, I was spreading my fears and insecurities like seeds from a rooted plant. When opportunities came, I looked for the middle ground. I could not see improvement, growth or prospect. In one simple moment I saw clearly that I did not choose. I made no decision. I allowed my past to govern my thoughts, and my thoughts to create my future. By not making the decision to push forward, to grow and be fearless, I was, in essence, inviting the old realities to plant their teaching hearts in my life.

You probably know that dandelions are highly effective healers. You can use the roots and leaves for all types of things. (Only organic, please do not pick a random dandelion and expect it to be pesticide free.) Dandelions may be the most awesome weeds around, but as a metaphor I have to say, “Stop!” Stop, to me and to my insecurities and doubts. The “observer” has been invited in and my old technique of looking for comfort first is gone.

I am grateful (GGIG!) for Cindy, her patience and vision, and to Dianne Collins. I am now reading Do you Quantum Think?

I am seeing you blessed,




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