I think I live a spiritual life. However, there are those times when I feel dense. Like I don’t know what I do/who I am. When I look around and say, “Why did that just happen?”

A few days ago, something strange occurred. You likely know that I have spent the past year+ on self-publishing. After research I chose to use Amazon’s service, CreateSpace. There is such a huge learning curve, and I would never have taken it on if I had known.

You can write and edit a manuscript, which is an accomplishment by itself. Then add in alignment and margins for a bound book, page breaks vs. section breaks, page numbers on the outside corners, headers, title pages, the exact file type, table of contents, (breath, breath) and an index! Wait, I forgot the cover and cover copy! I had to choose the correct font for my publishers printing. Authors need bios, summaries, descriptions. There are ISBN registrations and legal documentation for profit.

And just when you have all that done, you upload your work and check it page by page for spacing errors. My computer is not intimate with my publishers system. They had to court each other over months of corrections, re-uploads and three hard-copy, paperback proofs.

Printers aren’t cognizant. They don’t cough gently when alignment is off. So I had to redo my covers just in case. It is complicated, hard, crazy and wild. Would I do it again? Yes! I learned too much to let it go now.

Maybe I was feeling full of myself.

I could have been tired. Or spaced out.

Whatever it was, I “accidentally” published my book.


The crux is that there are benefits you lose if you un-publish or pause the publishing. So after I “accidentally” hit a button that literally said “Publish My Book” I sat staring at my computer wondering how the heck that just happened. I just published Divine Accordance E-Book. After working on it for TEN YEARS. Or fourteen years, if you count channeling all the prayers. Luckily, I put in a publishing date of May 2nd, so officially it’s in “Pre-Purchase”. Thank goodness for that, because Amazon rates its authors on the first week of sales.

Then, two days later, I am working on the same kind of details for Pocket Prayer Book. What did I do? THE SAME THING. Seriously! How? I mean… HOW???!!! The second time I did it for the paperback version of PPB, which isn’t even proofed.

Who, other than me, is laughing?

When I emailed some friends about the craziness of this, two wrote back, “Not an accident, divine accordance.”

Oh. Okay. So I’m published. In the weirdest way possible.

And I made an author bio. (Links below.) I am surrendering to this crazy/new/Divine plan! If you have read PPB over the years and feel moved to right a review, I would love/appreciate/be grateful for your heartfelt words.

There are so many of you that have held energy for Pocket Prayer Book. I thank you, from every fiber of my being, I thank you.

Loving the bumpy road,

Holly (published author!)


Author Bio: http://amzn.to/2lhPUxp

Pocket Prayer Book: http://amzn.to/2kjTvqN

Pocket Prayer eBook (Kindle): http://amzn.to/2lnQh6J

Divine Accordance: http://amzn.to/2kFfXeX


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