Hello Lightworkers!

Many clients have been experiencing emotional bodybianca.water.med.small stress. You are likely already familiar with the four main bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We experience our realities through these bodies. You can isolate issues by asking yourself, “Where am I feeling this? Which body holds this feeling?”

If you have asked yourself those questions, and found that your emotional body is having an experience you would like to speed along, then you’re in the right place. We use our emotions to process sadness, rejection, fear. Emotions come about when we think with our hearts, when we take things personally, when our feelings get hurt.

Imagine living a benign, psychically restricted life. Maybe the way you were fifteen years ago. Wasn’t it hard enough? Now add frequency adjustments, dimensional awareness, an ascension plan, communication with guides (etc), past life processing, DNA changes and empathy-gone-wild. We are moving faster than ever before. We are opening, healing, clearing, transmuting and more. It’s not surprising that our emotions might get out of sort.

Are you a tarot fan? In tarot, the suit of cups symbolizes a vehicle for water and water represents emotion. Think of the full moon, how it pulls the tides and how we change during that time. We are watery beings. So what might help emotional struggle? Water.

In a recent reading, a client asked about a potential business deal. The guides responded by asking what was wanted. What are you holding for creation? The client responded and we discussed how to rearrange priorities so that the highest potential could be reached. The original criteria started with personality compatibility, affordable cost and good at the proposed work. We did some clearing on emotionally structuring things. My client wanted personal compatibility due to former experiences; this was a request from fear. Our guides helped us (I was learning, too) to restructure thinking. Why not learn from past experiences and make rules to avoid the same lesson? Because we are taking over, we are taking control and using our emotions to decide. The new list:

bianca.ocean.med.4.11.small-he/she does what I want successfully
-he/she is inspired
-all interactions are peaceful

In the revised statement, we made the desire crystal clear. My client’s goal was to create the perfect work experience, not to protect old wounds. Inspiration (which our guides explained always comes from the Divine, even when we think we thought of it) is of utmost importance! The Divinely inspired aren’t afraid to take a walk, open the ethereal doors and listen. What about cost? We were told that if you choose based on what you think you can afford, you might be underestimating the amount this being can help you create. So, make it peaceful. The end advice: Surrender and Water.

Right back to emotional clearing, and water! Close your eyes for a few seconds and ask yourself, “What water would best suit me know?” What’s the answer? If it’s not on this list, please send your ideas to me! Or post them below.

-swimming, wading, splashing, bathing, washing, soaking
-drinking, sipping, guzzling, exercising, floating, diving
-meditate on water (click here for Clear Water Meditation)
-skiing, boating, tubing, hose, sprinkler, pool, snow, rain, ice
-wrists, neck, face, hands, feet, DRINK (again and again)
-stream, lake, creek, ocean, river, canal, sit, watch, listen

The tiny little one-word point of this writing is: WATER. It helps us clear. It transmutes emotion. Water is one of our most important lightworking tools. Please use it! We are all working together on this frequency ascending planet, and the less we hurt, the more we have clear experience, the easier it is. Surrender and water.

Thank you,