Entity Kicking

AKA: Why we shouldn’t kick entities.

Last week a client called, she was in a mess. Physically, her foot had swelled up as if it had a baseball inside. Mentally, she felt confused, aggravated and angry.

She wanted a reading. From the human/Holly perspective, I thought that her foot puffed up because she made contact with a physical item, a chair in fact. That would make sense. Every time I kick a chair, my foot complains with pain. But why did she kick a chair?

Mary (a pseudonym used to protect the chair-kicker) is a former soccer player. She knows how to kick. Apparently, there was a chair in Mary’s way and she had a fleeting moment of moving it with her foot. It didn’t work. The interaction unfolded like this: Mary went to someone’s house; she spent the night and became angry. She felt angrier than she had in a long time. Mary’s husband Joe was also there, his friend owned the house, and Joe had arranged the visit. Mary felt that Joe was causing her many problems, so many problems that she erupted like a volcano, yelled like a wild woman and kicked the chair.

During Mary’s reading, we learned something interesting: Mary had a fight with an entity and it was gone. The only problem was that Mary didn’t know this consciously. She felt as if she was in a fight, she yelled & screamed, and afterwards was she out of energy. Plus, don’t forget, she kicked the chair.

What we now know: The friend’s house is a mess. It’s full of too much stuff and has a basement competing for some hoarders show on TV. Joe’s friend is recently divorced and very sad. The house has seen drama, sadness, depression, anger and a host of other emotions from unhappy people.

Thanks for the pic light-sabers.net!

The perfect environment for an entity. Where, you might ask, do entities come from? In short, they reside outside of our dimension. They usually attach to something familiar in our dimension, which is the third dimension of planet Earth. A soul that missed going into the Light might attach to a home, person or area of land. Mary’s entity was a little different; it was a blob. What’s a blob? (Technically speaking, just kidding, how can you technically speak about a blob?) A blob is a non-conscious, soul-less energy. It exists like a gust of wind. Whatever formed it is not usually around and it flows wherever it flows.

In this case, the blob didn’t lose velocity as our Earthly winds do, it gained velocity. Likely, its motivating force was anger. Mary’s clairsentient ability sensed something and she naturally looked at it with her clairvoyance. That was something Mary will try not to do again, never look an entity in the eye. There’s a direct contact thing that can set off an ethereal, Mary unknowingly challenged the blob.

After a bad night, Mary was fit to be tied. (That’s Missouri talk for really, really mad.) Mary didn’t understand what was going on but after looking that entity in the eye, a battle ensued. Mary tried to kick that entity’s butt. She created a physical outburst to illustrate the kicking of the entity.

Battling entities is not something to take lightly; Mary is still alarmed. I can’t blame her, when I began doing lightwork I made a few rules. I told my guides, God and anyone that was listening NO ghosts, no entities, no dead people. Apparently, I was reading my future work.

If you are ever in a situation, where you feel suddenly and inexplicably emotional, pray to Source, your guides, angels, and ascended masters for help. Call someone you trust, don’t try to kick an entity, they don’t have bodies.


A story by Holly Burger, based on true events. If you have an entity issue, call Holly. If she can’t help, she usually knows someone who can.

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