Did you feel the very powerful full moon last Saturday? I spent the day ‘relaxing’ in an emergency room with a friend who had broken ribs. The hardest part was stifling my humor; it hurt my friend to laugh. Stress always makes me want to say funny things. Maybe I should say stress makes me want to say things I think are funny.

The same might be said for my friend. After three different people asked about how her ribs had been broken (Are you sure you weren’t pushed?) they started in about her personal habits. She really is a great woman, very spiritual and connected. She meditates and does yoga, she’s fit and balanced.

The intake nurse asked, “Do you drink alcohol?” It sounded like an accusation. My eyes wide (and guilty) I waited for her to answer. Two seconds, three, the nurse nodded and said, “Socially?” My friend relaxed and said, “Yes, socially.”

Whew, that was close. I thought that maybe we were going to get a scolding. Apparently, you can escape the bright light-in-your-face interrogation with no bathroom breaks if you are social. We were sent back to a very full waiting room, as my friend’s problem was not life threatening.

We talked about all the questions and how you feel like you are defending yourself. That’s when my friend said, “Socially, yeah, if you count having a drink with my cat.” We laughed until her ribs hurt.

When my friend fell, she was home alone. She caught her foot on a suitcase, which launched her into a dresser, resulting in broken ribs and internal bruising.

Let’s spice this recipe with some new age jargon. In all metaphysical theory, there is no such thing as an accident. Therefore, said happening is an incident. We, the incarnates, are responsible for our creations. Everything has a soul, including pets, and we are not alone. Spiritually speaking, as you have likely already demised, my friend was not home alone and did not have an accident. She would have been better off having cocktails and avoiding the whole thing, don’t you think?

This does not even touch the mystical messages; and there are several points of view. We could talk about the suitcase, tripping, launching into a dresser, bodily damage, pain, suffering, waiting or the worst part: recovery. Six to eight weeks of recovery. That alone is enough to make one want to grab the cat and open a bottle of wine. What, pray tell, is the moral of this story?

My friend has several theories about her growth and healing. These are mine:

–If you love your cat, your guides and your angels and happen to pop a cork: tell people that you drink alone. (This may be the result of a life of feeling strange about hearing voices. More humor.)
–Ask Source to bless emergency rooms, hospitals, accidents, incidents and their creators.
–Be there for your friends. Just be there and never look back.

Some people say that full moons bring on all types of energy. Emergency rooms are known to be active during full moons, as I personally experienced last Saturday. You can read about the recent full moon here: http://www.thepowerpath.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=338:full-moon-update-4-17-11&catid=41:moon-updates&Itemid=122

Just before my friend called for help I channeled a message from my guides. I had planned to post a blog about the upcoming full moon, but abandoned my computer for another adventure. Here is that message:

Greetings, beloveds. Yes, the moon will pull your water-filled bodies. This may feel a bit like a concussion. Whether it is the moon or imbalanced emotions, which are not far from the same, we will recommend what we often tell you: Ground. Sink your thoughts into the planet and shelter yourself. There are energies waiting to absorb your worries and transmute the thoughts you wish to banish.

Feel deeply into yourself, pull back from others. Stabilize your being with generosity and love, then feed yourself and refuel. What is your fuel? Ask deeply of yourself and you will know. An apple will satiate your stomach and consciousness, but even this delicious creation comes with its own residue. Free your food and nourishment from the things it collects on its way to you. Take in clarity by asking for blessings for all that you eat.

Continue thinking of what will nourish you by asking your Guides and Angels to satiate your every desire. Ask for release of loneliness, cruelty, aggression, anger, sadness; let these things be healed within you by simple ethereal movements from your Guides, your Angels. Simply ask. For example, “Dear Angels, today I experienced aggravation and negative thinking. Please heal me, thank you.” Let the energy of Light fill you.

Turn your thoughts back to nourishment; speak to yourself with positivity and love. Know your Spiritual Guides are healing you, what will replace all that you surrender? Will it be love? Faith? Peace? Remember your Divine Essence and know yourself as we know you.

We leave you with this thought: If the wind were to always bring to you what you have sent away, what then would you send?

Blessings, beloveds, your journeys are our greatest joy.

I am so grateful for my guides and angels! Today I will bless my food from Light to Light. I will remember to feel into myself and release negative thinking. As Divine Light heals me, I will embrace more unconditional love, peace, ease and comfort.

Cheers to you, and your Light! I hope you sip great wine, blessed from Light to Light, with even greater souls.

Blessings, gratitude,