I am searching for these things. I would like to eradicate them from myself. I want to be a pure vessel of Light and love. I want divinity to shine through my pores.

Am I color blind? No. No way ever. I know that about myself. For me color is a billboard, a flashing light that reminds me that we are all different. It’s as telling as an accent or foreign license plates. For me color promotes curiosity.

I love color. As an artist, color means everything to me. Depth and hue, value. Did you know that shadows aren’t black? They are a mixture of reflections. They say the best painters mix their blacks from other colors and don’t have black paint on their palettes. I love a mixed black. Alizarin crimson and a deep mixed green, keep it earthy and maybe add some ultramarine.

And isn’t a person just like that? Who is black? Honestly, Barrack Obama isn’t. He mulatto. And he has a story to tell about his heritage. The tilt of his eyes, the tones of his skin. Have you done a DNA test? Have you offered the encodement of your most personal information to a data base? Can you identify your “color”?

Mine is oddly pale, Scots-Irish pale. Since childhood, I have desired dark complected skin. Skin that doesn’t burn when exposed or, now that I am older, acquire odd discolorations that doctors call sun damage. My DNA tells me that I am everything. I don’t look American Indian, but I am. I don’t look colorful, or express my lineage through my skin, but it’s there. My DNA also holds every past life. Every terror, fear, pain, agony. Enslavement, abuse, war, murder, pillaging, starvation. What stories would your DNA tell someone listening?

And, what color were you when you during those stories?

My guess is that prejudice only runs as deep as a story. A happening in this life or another that won’t quite leave, isn’t completely healed.

What if these stories could be told? Not just a Hollywood movie, but a person telling something, anything they wanted to express their pain. What if there was a phone booth and you could get in, dial 111 and someone would say, “Hello, beloved. I know you speak your truth, please tell your story. Where does your heart hurt or feel wronged?”

In Diana Galbaldon’s book and TV series Outlander, Claire Fraser walks into a black slave auction and buys a slave to prevent his demise. She abhors slavery, as does her husband, James Fraser. They allow the man to become accustomed to them while exploring his surprise freedom. He helps them and they help him. I wonder how many people did this. That’s the story I want to hear. I want the rescues, the successes. However, not everyone can explain their success. This happens when we are stuck in our pain.

We are a PTSD nation. We swim in our sorrows and battle with anyone that is willing to fight. Our PTSD starts with birth when we move into a third dimensional place that offers less comfort than the womb. The dominate energies are unworthiness and abandonment. This isn’t about slavery of black lives or Irish or Jews or children. This is about humanity. We come here with slavery in our DNA as humans. We spend lifetimes trying to release it. Every single day people are using healing modalities, affirmations and pure will power to usurp old programming.

Where do you feel enslaved? Financially? In society? Go deep. Hunt down all that old crap and purge it. Tell it, write it, get it out. Scream. Primal therapy yourself into emptiness. And then, when you are at a point of stillness, I want you to ask yourself something:

Who would you step upon to gain your right to the life you want?

I hope that question makes you cry. I hope you purge your past as a slave owner. As a spouse abuser. As a hangman. Evil dictator. You have to. You must purge it all. Why? Because are all one.


Who you hate is… you. Not on purpose, no, it’s more hidden than that. We are taught we aren’t one so that we can hate on others. We justify our hatred. Politics, abusers, mean people. We use hate like a wand of Light; except it’s not. Hate is a tool of the dark and if you are participating in hate, you are feeding a demon in your backyard.

Harsh? Maybe. But let’s say there is a demonic thing eating the roots of your flowers every night while you sleep. What are you going to do? Stop having flowers? Stop being colorful and shiny? I hope not. You can’t stop feeding a demon, it will change what it eats. There’s only one demon-repellent and it happens to be free. It’s Light. Love.

If you radiate love from the core of your being, darkness is repelled.

That doesn’t mean you are free of illness and suffering, that’s a much bigger picture. Radiating love is the first way we all can adjust. We must love ourselves, our neighbors, wrong-doers, politicians, x-spouses and all the rest of the challenging beings coming across our paths.

How much do you like it when someone says, “I hate _____.”?

I get triggered by hate. So much so that when my kids said, “I hate green beans.” I would add more to their plate. I taught them to use their words, “I prefer broccoli.” Now, when people say, “I hate Trump” I get triggered. I have the same reaction if you replace Trump with Sanders. It’s not party related. It Light related.

Should I give someone a plate of Trump or Sanders or whatever they hate? No, I am not their mother and their lessons are their own. Just think of the imbalance all that hate is creating and how powerful the dark is getting by the existence of hate? Haters, you are piling up a plate of biscuits for the exact energy you complain about. Think about it.

If someone makes a decision you disagree with, here are a few things you can do:

One, pray on it. Ask if you know everything about that decision and if you would feel the same if so.

Two, pray for Light from that person’s high self to go to them. (Never horizontal, always vertical from Creator/Source/I Am.)

Three, most importantly, know your intention and pray around that. For instance:

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is: I ask for help. It is my intention to hold the highest outcome for this situation. Please bless each person involved with guidance for their highest resources to guide them in all decisions. Please let resources of Christ Consciousness Light be abundant and true to the highest regard. Thank you and Amen.

Hate as a resource is the most dividing and detrimental issue present at this time. Our hatred of each other is appalling. I have listened to Lightworkers cry over politics and express deep hatred of the current regime. I have also listened to Spirit tell them that all is well.

When we are faithless, we are dangerous. Do you know how powerful you are? If you find yourself in hatred, please ask why. Why and how? How has the pureness of your heart unleveled to a place where hatred fogs your thinking?

Are you mad about a decision? Fine, voice that fact, pray for a better decision next time. This moment in time our land of trees and water needs consciousness. Love. Truth. We are moving into an era of transparency. Let truth be known, but don’t be caught with your own truth hidden, especially from you.

Namaste, beloveds.





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