How to Prepare for Phone Sessions

Clients often ask about creating a successful phone session. When I first started doing readings (2002!) I did not think phone sessions were possible. Then a client asked for one, she needed help and phone.earthcouldn’t get to Longmont. Ohhhhh, I thought, I don’t know. How will I set sacred space? How will I do….

Well, you probably already know the answer to that: I don’t do it. Creator/Source/Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters, they do it. So (after thought, meditation and a certain amount of whining) I tried setting space over the phone. Guess what? It was the same! Ha! My lesson: I work with energy. Energy doesn’t have time, space or dimension. Once I released my fear, judgment and insecurity, phone readings were born. For me, anyway.

Here are some tips for a successful phone session:

1. Sacred space. Create your own. It doesn’t matter where. I have given so many readings to people in cars. NOT driving, stationary cars in parking lots or parks. It works fine; say a prayer first with your intention. Try a scarf over the steering wheel. Put the visors down or the sun shade in place. It’s not so much what you do, it’s more about claiming the space as sacred. I won’t read energy for someone mobile. It’s like throwing a dart at a moving dart board. We need Vertical Energy, grounded to the core of Earth and connected to Source.

2. Be prepared. Write your questions. I know you’re smart. You have a good memory. But what you don’t have (because no one I know does) is the ability to stand in the highest Light we can reach and remember that you have human problems. Writing your questions tells the human mind it can relax and let you float up to the place where healing happens. You don’t have to remember, that job was given to a piece of paper. And I do mean paper. Not phone notes, because you are either on your phone, or we are turning it off. That leads to the next idea… Be at peace. If you are worried about a text/call, you will be thinking. We don’t want thinking, in fact, we want to dodge thinking and ask the heart what the real issue is. If we can heal the inner problem, the thoughts will change. You’re strong, don’t doubt your ability to hold onto a thought if you can see/hear/fell it. Let thoughts be in a conference room somewhere while you have a healing session. If, when you go back to get them, some are gone… Well, then, our work has succeeded!

4. Water. Can’t say enough about hydrating your light working cells. Please, just do it.

5. Writing. Unless you are opposed to pens, pencils or paper, please be prepared with something to write upon. The guides often give homework or other recommendations, and being that we are in higher frequencies, it is easy to forget.

6. Crystals. I am pro rock. Stones, crystals and minerals offer a buffet of healing energy. I work with stones specifically charged for what I do. Why not have a stone for grounding (tourmaline, pyrite, covellite, hematite–anything dark and heavy) and a stone for connecting (quartz is best). We can ask our Divine Beings to clear the stones and activate them to your highest good. After the session you will have a working tool.

You might have an additional idea about making a phone session work, follow your heart. Do what helps you feel present and safe in the moment. Energy doesn’t have a location, it can be with us anytime we invoke it.


Many blessings,



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