That is what someone asked me recently. It’s spring here in the Rockies and after a winter of snow we do get an influx of energy. Movement is everywhere. Wind, flowers, rain (so much this year), outdoor activity and clean-up. But selling your home and buying another? Checking out of a lease and changing locations? What does all this moving mean?



A client, let’s call her Gale, had a reading and asked about her need to relocate. I, myself, have decided to move. (More on that later!) When Gale asked, I became excited about the answer. Many times the guides have explained that Lightworkers receive energy surges that take on the form of a request. Sometimes referred to as a clarion call. Land might do this or a town. If a person carries the energy needed in a certain area, then he or she will feel the pull/hear the call. The area will welcome that person by opening doors. Maybe there will be a great deal on a home or a fantastic job opportunity. While living in these areas, Lightworkers ground, meditate and live consciously. This behavior affects the environment and it attracts like-minded people. (Birds of a feather…) Once enough people show up to hold the frequency easily, the Lightworker can retire.

Let’s just say that you were one of those folks that answered a clarion call. You moved to be in service, to do Lightwork. (Most of us don’t even realize we are doing this!) Also, let’s say that you woke up a few days ago and thought, “I gotta move.” It’s time to relocate. One would think it might be another clarion call, but that is not what the guides told Gale. They said that we, the ones who answered so many clarion calls, have hit critical mass. We have scooted past 51% and the energy now maintains itself. Your service contract just ended.

It's a lightworking life!

It’s a lightworking life!

Moreover, these contracts have been in place since the 1980’s, most of us have spent our entire adult lives living in service. To be released can be a bit confusing. Where to go? How does this work? It is both easy and hard, there are two contrasting energies. On one end, you have the Lightworkers who can listen and live in a guided manner. On the other, you have people who are closed to guidance but manifest like crazy in the third dimension. It is time for those being released from a particular Earth service (there are other Earth services still in effect) to know what we want and learn how and manifest it.

It is time to get third dimensional like you never have before. Start a dream board, watch The Secret, work on new ways to ground. My guides told Gale to use poster board, not a notebook, for her vision board. Make sure it’s visible and put pictures of what you desire. For her it might be land to farm, space, privacy. What would it be for you? If you are being released, like so many are, get focused on what you want. Many of us have been living in service and following strong directives no matter how hard it has been. Game over. Start a new game and this one will be (IS!) easier. Remember my favorite words: peacefully, easily, comfortably.  Thank you and Amen.

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey,