Meditation vs. Monkey Mind

Meditation, everyone’s talking about it. If you search it on the Internet you can read for days. How good are you at sitting still and emptying your mind?

Here is my story:

Have you heard the term ‘monkey-mind’? My mind was so monkeyed I felt like I lived in a banyan tree in the jungle. Something was always hopping around; swinging from thought to thought, never quiet.

Sitting, waiting for my mind to quiet, was futile. I felt failure, fatigue, and exasperation. No amount of patience, quiet, soft music, chanting, focus or surrender seemed to work. I felt like a cross between Jenga™ and Boggle™. If all the pieces happened to fall into place, they were unreadable or unstable. Meditation, it seemed, was not for me.

Then, I had the pleasure of a guided meditation. I still remember the first time. A small group of women, gathered in the name of spirituality, sat quietly while someone spoke. We were gently led through an exercise (which I can’t remember) to a place (couldn’t tell you that, either) for an experience (now that, I still have). I saw a blue ball, full of life. It was large, like a planet. Cobalt blue with deep greens, rich colors, the kind you can’t duplicate even with oil paint (I know because I tried). The ball floated like an orb, it seemed significant. That’s why I remember it; it seemed significant. That was a special day for me. I saw something. What did it mean? Nothing that I know of, other than something was in some field of vision and my faith jumped up a notch.

A few years of frustration go by… and I meet Cindy Fox. She was a teacher, learned from someone Back East. Cindy offered a guided meditation class where you go into a garden, would I be interested? I was suspicious of these spiritual types; after all I met her at a class where someone was channeling. Cindy’s class cost too much and I probably wouldn’t like it, so I signed up. It was difficult to stay awake. Lights low, everyone whispering and burning incense. After a few classes I was disappointed, aggravated and hooked. Something in me was awakening, but it had to burst out of its coffin of doubt. I struggled, a lot. Cindy spoke little of frustration and kept us on course, focusing on the finish line instead of the process. Good coach.

Six classes later I had many notes. Even during the times I thought nothing important happened I had pages of notes. Colors, symbols, words and then my guardian angel (her name), guides, ascended masters and more! How could this be? How could I listen to a person talk and get in touch with my own personal guidance in a garden? The class was fascinating. I took it again when the chance arose. And again. And, again. Each time I opened more. Each time I discovered new ways to learn within myself. Anytime I had the chance, I would ask Cindy to lead a meditation. Garden, garden, garden!

For me, guided meditation was the way to go. I was able to release my mind while focusing on Cindy’s speech, then my guides slipped in and the rhythm became a sweet song of communication.

As the years went by and my reading practice grew, I would sometimes consult Cindy about clients. When she said, “That person needs to take the meditation class!” for the thousandth time it became crystal clear that I would need to teach it. Cindy (relocated and no longer teaching in the area) said she wouldn’t teach me. She said my guides would have to teach me. That was a doubt cake with doubt icing!

Here’s how it unfolded. I had a session with Cindy (she’s an amazing channel and reader). I was given minute details, which I took into meditation. I listened carefully and asked my guides many questions. When I felt solid, I had another session with Cindy. We went back and forth until my class was formed. I call it, Journey to Your Garden.

From the time Cindy first spoke of meditation I was drawn to the energy of the garden meditation. The class was given to Joan Lee, Cindy’s teacher from upstate New York, by her guides. Joan taught a handful of people to teach it and Cindy taught me. She would say my guides taught me, but without her help I would still be squirming under the banyan tree!

This is not an exclusive technique, other people use guided meditations and many refer to gardens. What is exciting and unique about this technique is after 4 years of teaching it I find it completely successful! People get in touch with their guidance. It’s remarkable!

I love my garden meditation, and now I love meditating. When I have a question, I take it to my garden. If you would like to learn this technique, please check my mediation web page or email me. Meditation is very important for us, especially with the challenging energetic state of humanity. It is more important than ever to stay centered, calm and collected.

Peace out on meditation,


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  • Barb

    Hi Holly

    I was looking up info about the monkey in the mind as a result of reading U.S. Andersen’s book “Three Magic Words”. I have been able, with regular meditation, to contact a very peaceful state within myself, but it doesn’t happen often. I did go to a spiritual drumming session with other like-minded people in a very beautiful space surrounded by gardens and was able to get to the edges of that state. When I saw your picture of the water lilies on your website, I thought about my garden. I have a pond in my back yard and in in, there used to be a water lily that looked exactly like your picture. I wondered if it was a sign. Can you email me and tell me a bit about guided meditations in a garden. I am wondering if this is my next step. Thank you



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