To honor on mother’s day: divine feminine light goddess, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, healing energy. Gaia, world, Earth, plant and animal energy. Every mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, nurturer, lover, healer. Every woman. Every embodied feminine energy: male or female.

Mother’s of destiny, design, creativity, encouragement. Mother’s of cooking, cleaning, organizing, assessing. Mother’s of honor, discipline, encouragement and action. There is a mothering light and disposition inside each of us. Happy Mother’s Day.

Years ago, I heard that Jamie Lee Curtis started her own birthday celebration by calling her mother (Janet Leigh, dec. 2004) with gratitude; she thanked her mother for giving birth to her. I have to admit, I never thought of that. My thoughts about my own birth were not nearly as jubilant. In fact, I didn’t appreciate life until just a few years ago. Psychic gifts can be chaos when they aren’t reined into the proper dimensions and techniques. I didn’t feel grateful for life, or for my mother. But now I do. Jamie set me to thinking. How could she be grateful for all the struggles and issues? How could she be grateful for this choice?

In the past, exploring that concept of appreciation for life confused me. If I take responsibility for incarnating, agree to remember that my soul chose this life—I have to admit that I chose my parents, including my mother. I chose her. Every bit of her. Why would I do that?

After forty some odd years on the planet, I have come to this conclusion: because I needed her. Mothers give us things that help us have life, but what about the ethereal things? What about what they don’t give? My life needed a level of confidence that I couldn’t learn from someone else, it had to come from within. I could say that my self-esteem must come from God. Creator. Source. It’s true; in my line of work there is a level of surrender that is only supported by my conviction and alignment with the truth of Christ Consciousness Light. Ironically, that truth can morph in certain situations, depending on what a person might need in the moment. I call that being in service; allowing myself to surrender determination for the moment so that I can be a clear channel.

That surrender, that quiet moment, I learned from my mom. She’s a Scorpio, able to remain very still at times. As a Sagittarius, I am rarely still, even when I am still.

Gratitude fills my heart and I launch it into the ethers, today, for my mother. For her and for the other mothers and mothering energy I have been blessed with for decades of life and beyond. And, lastly, I honor myself. Being a mother is not easy. I birthed a being that reflects and mirrors and then speaks about it. What a combo. But why not, my mother did it and I turned out okay. Didn’t I?

The answer is yes! Say yes to me and then go to the mirror and say, “Yes! You are the divine embodiment of creative, flowing, Christ Consciousness Light. Yes! You may challenge and be challenged, but today you are honored. I honor the Divine Feminine, Mother Light in you.”



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