Open the Door to Receiving…

Recently my guides presented a very interesting metaphor. Imagine that you are inside a room. Imagine there is a closed door with a sign on the back that says “Giving”. Every time you give, you open the door and push your gift outside. The Universe is outside and takes care of delivering your gift.

From outside the perspective is different. From outside there is a room, with a door, but the door has a sign that says “Receiving”. Every time the door opens the Universe pushes in gifts; but the Universe can’t open the door, only you can.

The irony is that the Universe has gifts waiting, piled up, stored and stocked. So when you open the door to push out something, like a birthday gift for a friend, the Universe may squeeze in free movie tickets.

Also imagine that there is a fireplace in your room, with a cozy fire burning. Pretend that every time you have a request, any request, you communicate with the Universe by writing your request on paper, ripping it into tiny pieces and throwing them into the fire.

Your request floats up in lofty smoke and is absorbed into Creation.  While you wait for the Universe to provide, you might as well give. It’s the only way to get the door open to see what the Universe will bring you.

I am a big fan of Cami Walker’s book 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. Cami speaks about giving to take your mind off of troubles, in her case illness. Imagine if you were constantly giving, your door would be open continually and the Universe could give so much that there would be a flow. Energy moving in and out consistently would create a vortex. I will repeat that: constant giving, continual opening, consistent flow.

If you had the ability to create a giving and receiving vortex wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were protected by unconditional love, allowing only positive energy through? And wouldn’t it be even more exciting if you could create this protection with your own intention?

Am I saying that by giving via unconditional love and holding strong intention that the Universe can serve your highest needs by giving back to you? And that the Universe delivers with perfect timing? AND that through service you can create a vortex of giving and receiving? Yes, I believe I am.

Let’s try this in an affirmation:

It is my intention to give unconditionally. It is my intention to be open to receive from Divine Light resources. I trust the Universe and specifically my guidance team to bring me what I need, when I need it and to bless my life Divinely. I am in service to Divine Light and offer that service through kindness and generosity. I consciously open my door to giving and allow a vortex of Light to shine in my life via giving and receiving.Thank you. Amen-Aho-Namasté

Blessing on your journey of giving and receiving,


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