A new prayer came through in a recent meditation. It is called Prayer for Freedom from Trespass. When clients have issues with sexual abuse, the guides often use the term “trespassing” or “trespasses”. It can apply to an energy breach from something that seems benign like yelling or a very serious issue of abuse. People who are energy sensitive can feel trespassed upon easily. The result is often debilitating.

In recent news, we have a media magnifying glass searching for sexual trespassers. Facebook has a campaign where people post #metoo. This prayer is for each of you who have been trespassed upon no matter how small the trespass. We are affected by words. If you are extremely sensitive, you might even be affected by thoughts. Those who have serious abuse, please use this prayer but seek professional help, as well. We are not here to fight our battles alone. We are here to band together as Light embodied and battle the darkness that creates opportunities for these happenings.

Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is, I call forth to the highest frequencies of Christ Consciousness Light to assist me. It is my intention to fully embody my Divine Light.

I ask for healing concerning openings, portals, windows, cracks, doors, holes, gaps, slips, gates or any way that aggressive or predatory energy can enter my reality. Please heal any opening in any area or any body that allows me to be sexually trespassed upon. Please see that I am protected and disconnected from these energies no matter what their resource: human, ethereal or otherwise through all time, space and dimension.

I banish any connection from my past that allows further contact of these energies. I heal low self-esteem and negative hierarchal mentalities that involve persecution or enslavement. My empowerment is mine, now.

My guidance and intuition will guide me to be safe in all situations. From this moment forward I am living my truth as the Light that I Am. I embrace myself as healed and released from potential harm.

Thank you and Amen.





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