Should I take a workshop?

Diana Saunders, Cami Walker (author of 29 Gifts) and Holly Burger, at Cami's workshop.

I could start this with ‘confessions of…’ but I have to admit I am the opposite. I am workshop resistant. This might be due to lack of funds; I have often thought of what I would do with education funding. How fun that would be? And, would I become addicted?

A very intelligent client, let’s call her Sabrina, was addicted to workshops. She is a self-confessed “Workshop Junkie”. She signed up for anything and everything that offered what she craved. Her cravings included healing childhood trauma, managing relationships, archetypes, making money, managing money and more. Wouldn’t we all like to learn about those things?

Would you like to expand your knowledge, get educated, accredited and be healed by new techniques? I would, but to what avail? What sacrifice would be a good trade? For Sabrina, the sacrifice was not in balance. In fact, her addiction had created debt, quite a bit of debt.

Sabrina came to see me for other reasons, but as our work unfolded, we found her addiction and nicknamed it “Workshop Junkie”. At one point during our work together we had an agreement that Sabrina would talk to me (with our guides) before making any decisions about attending new workshops. The intention wasn’t to stop Sabrina from learning; it was to help Sabrina see what she already knew. Sabrina suffered from a very consumable dis-ease. It was the fear that she was going to miss something. The idea of never missing anything is overwhelming. How many places would we need to be, how many things would we need to learn? And how vacant would you feel until you got there… to the workshop.

We received a simple solution from Spirit: Ask your guides to maintain, filter and funnel all information for you and to you.

Let’s take a look at that: maintain, filter and funnel all information for you and to you. That means that we can call on our spiritual guides to archive what we know and send it to us when we need it. And if need be, filter, change, or alter the thoughts to make them perfect for each situation. In addition to dealing with what we learn, and accessing it at the most appropriate time for others, we can also let our guides manage what comes to us. We can let them be in charge of what we learn.

What a gift! I can finally relax, and so can Sabrina! If we trust divine guidance to let us know when we are supposed to be somewhere, we don’t have to look for where we find education, because every single thing we need to learn will be shown to each of us in the perfect way.

Learning and learning as the perpetual student is like chasing your tail. Workshop Junkies, as well as other addicts, need to implement discipline. One can start by asking a friend or an intuitive professional (that’s me!) if the workshop feels appropriate, checking in through meditation, muscle testing or using a pendulum is also helpful.

Divinely Guided

Information is always for sale. Books, web-inars, church; it’s out there waiting for us. We can learn anything on the Internet, our amazing portal of knowledge. If you align yourself with your high self and divine order, what you need will be there. You won’t miss it. If three people mention a workshop, it’s a sign!

If you think you might be a Workshop Junkie, ask yourself what you want to learn. Then work out a budget and most importantly, ask yourself: WHY? For example: Amy (another client, name changed) wanted to learn a new technique. The class she looked at was very expensive and out of town. Because of her love of travel, Amy had credit card debt. Amy knew she could squeeze the workshop onto her credit card, and then she would have to save every cent for travel expenses. Time off from work would be an issue also.

You can see from the beginning there is something missing: divine order. If something is difficult to get started, look at two things. One: is there a resistance or issue within you, and two: are you pushing? Is your ego pushing? Amy wanted this information, and felt she needed it. When she asked me for help we got together for a session. I set sacred space, sealed off in all directions with Christ Consciousness Light and invoked guides, angels and ascended masters from the highest level possible and appropriate for communication.

Why, you might ask, is that important? It is not only important—it is imperative. If you want to bypass you ego and mental body, raise the frequency. (See prayer page!) As soon as we opened our sacred space, Amy felt less pull to the workshop and more to her guides. When asked why she wanted to go, she explained that she felt inadequate with her current resume`. Amy wanted the notoriety that this technique brought, they listed you on their website and that could bring in business.

Holly Burger with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len at Ho'oponopono workshop in Albuquerque, NM.

When I asked Spirit what Amy would receive from this particular workshop, they gave one word: confidence. Amy felt strong and successful after the guides blessed her with a healing. While still in session I asked Amy, “What is it you really want?” Amy discovered it was a website. She did not use her credit card, but saved what would have been her travel expenses and paid someone to create a new advertising tool for her on the World Wide Web. A tool that brought her business, feelings of success and confidence!

Amy and Sabrina both believed that there was something out there that would fill an empty void where their confidence was supposed to be. But never did a lesson, workshop, education or certificate bring peace. New knowledge fed the ego/mind but not the heart.

To workshop or not to workshop?

Workshops can be amazing, heart-opening and healing. I took Ho’oponopono with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len twice. (Didn’t get it the first time.) We all know everything, somewhere. We are all one divine group, assisting Light. Sometimes we need other people, or a place on our beautiful planet to vibrate exactly right for one moment. And that place may be in a workshop. If you align to your guidance, your true and pure Christ Consciousness Lighted guides, you can ask what is appropriate for you. If an opportunity catches your eye, take it into meditation and ask questions. Try these:

-Is this an opportunity for me to learn peacefully, easily and comfortably? Do I need to surrender?

-Will this help me? Will I meet awesome people?

-Will I enjoy this experience? Is is Divine Order?

-Am I following my spiritual guidance and my highest and best good?

Add your own questions and feel into the idea. Ask your body, your solar plexus and your mind if it’s the right thing for you. Put aside ego, fear and need. The choice is yours and all things lead to the same place, within.

Learning together can be empowering, heart opening and healing. God/Goddess bless your divinely guided, spiritually centered, peaceful, JOYFUL journey.



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  • Debi Halbur

    This was most timely information; I feel that if I’m not learning something, I’m wasting my time and that there is always something else on the horizon that I need to know. I feel compelled to continue learning and growing, almost “pushed”, like I’m missing something I “have” to know.

    Thank you

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