Summer Energy Challenges

Summer fun? Maybe!

If it’s your winter, you might still have the issues we have in the northern atmosphere. Time is squishing us, energies are raining down like falling frogs and the Earth is purging. Sounds like fun, right?

When I complain to my guides that things are too hard, they give me examples of how it could be worse. When I point out solar flares, fallen angels, fixed elections, war, crime, murder… etc., they remind me that I am Light and it is my choice to be Light. And, they ask, what would I like to say next? In the presence of Ascended Masters, those who have accomplished Earth—moved through the muck and risen to Ascension—I complain. I ask, “Why am I in pain?”, “Why did that happen?” or “What can I do to help?”

After so many years of asking, I should be prepared for just another version of the same old answer; yet I am amazed to the point of astonishment when they remind me that I have something to give to every situation. There is my Light, my prayer, blessings, even grief. My groundedness, vertical light and attention to detail. Beyond that, I wonder, what can I give? Here are a few things that I am reminded of:

  1. Compassion. Souls are learning. Even though you may not like their lesson or the example you are shown, it is their choice. Let them have it. Let them be what they have chosen and think of your own choices in this world.
  2. Forgiveness. There is forgiveness for an act; perhaps an act of violence, but think of what the influence is over a person that acts violently. Can you forgive someone brainwashed or mentally ill? Can you forgive weakness that allowed spiritual possession? Expand your perceptions of forgiveness.
  3. Peace. Peace is not only an act, it is a walk. To be angry diverts your energy, even if you are angry about a horrific story. If you feel anger, step into it and let emotion move it out like a wave of water. Feel anger, try not to store it. Feel it fully and completely the way you would a mouth full of your favorite food. Storing it for later brings rotten results. When anger leaves, you can concentrate on walking in peace once again.
  4. Responsibility. If something happens to someone, that someone is a part of you—but not you. Allow that person to have their experience. Give thanks for any good thing you can think of in your own life. This will re-center you in your experience and negate the empathy you may be feeling toward someone or something else. Know you are the Divine Creator of your experiences. If you are messy, forgive yourself and start over.
  5. Love. Advertisements are not in charge of self-love. If your hair is out of style, your clothes uncomplimentary, your home rented; it does not matter. You are not only loved, you are love. Allow the fat on your body to remind you that you do not starve. Allow wrinkles to explain you have faced the sun. You, dear one, have created your reality. Please do not belittle the Divinity in everything. Love it, maybe even express a desire, but never let anyone tell you that you are unlovable or less than blessed.

In a spiritually driven life, we are challenged to live differently. We choose things based on energy. For us, the experience of time can be different. There can be difficulty managing how we are in the space we have created to live. It can feel like a tight fit. Don’t forget that you can expand. Try a prayer to expand time or space. It might look like this:

Creator, I am running late. Please help me manage time so that I arrive in Divine Timing for myself and others. Thank you and Amen.

Source of All That Is, I feel squished in this body. Can you please help me recalibrate so that I am comfortable. I choose to breathe freely, to be relaxed and happy. Thank you and Amen.

What is your prayer? What is your gratitude? I would love to hear from you on Facebook, share a prayer or thought that helps you manage energy, change and challenges.

Remember: You are a blessed and Divine Light. Shine and be happy for one thing every day, you’re the seed, the Earth, the water and the flower.

Blessings to you,




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