To honor on mother’s day: divine feminine light goddess, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, healing energy. Gaia, world, Earth, plant and animal energy. Every mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, nurturer, lover, healer. Every woman. Every embodied feminine energy: male or female.

Mother’s of destiny, design, creativity, encouragement. Mother’s of cooking, cleaning, organizing, assessing. Mother’s of honor, . . . → Read More: Mothers

Good God/dess I’m Grateful!

What’s a GGIG? My stepson is a professional musician, so I hear the word gig a lot. He gigs and is gigging and it pays his bills when he is gigged up. I may have stretched that a bit… But in that light, I would like to introduce a new concept: GGIG. From the title, . . . → Read More: Good God/dess I’m Grateful!