Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

This prayer is for each of you who have been trespassed upon no matter how small the trespass. We are affected by words. If you are extremely sensitive, you might even be affected by thoughts. Those who have serious abuse, please . . . → Read More: Prayer for Freedom from Trespass

Eclipse Energy 2017

You have accomplished and learned lessons that make you an important part of future Earth. Your work may be to find stillness and sit. Appreciate every mountain you have climbed, every rock you have clung to in desperation while old ideas released. Remember when you cleaned up family dynamics? Or you loved someone through their process? . . . → Read More: Eclipse Energy 2017

Healer … Healing Thyself (Divine Accordance Excerpt p. 216)

However, until it’s all about love, we will keep learning how to honor and appreciate ourselves until we wake up one morning, bow before the mirror, kneel before poverty and serve our peers; which, don’t forget, are us. We are One. . . . → Read More: Healer … Healing Thyself (Divine Accordance Excerpt p. 216)

Feeling Stressed? Read this…

My book Divine Accordance is a 300-page, completely thorough resource for how I healed and opened to receive communication from my guides. But I don’t want you to suffer, so here are some tried and true things you can do to make life feel better: . . . → Read More: Feeling Stressed? Read this…

Spiritually Managing Political Views

-Negativity is its own breakfast. -Loving one and other has a much higher impact than hating. You may hate an action, but be careful where you place the weapon of hate. It is like housing a skunk, the stench remains long after the animal has vacated. . . . → Read More: Spiritually Managing Political Views

How to Prepare for Phone Sessions

My lesson: I work with energy. Energy doesn’t have time, space or dimension. Once I released my fear, judgment and insecurity, phone readings were born. For me, anyway. . . . → Read More: How to Prepare for Phone Sessions

2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!



Today is January 31st, I think it’s legally the last day I can wish you Happy New Year. ; )

YOU are the light!

New Year’s Blessings to you! I am fresh off my first first Free Meditation Call of 2016 . . . → Read More: 2016 Free Meditation with Holly – Recording!

Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

I have support! Maybe I don’t always understand it or accept it, but I am learning. Some part of me knows, and is holding space, just like the teacher. She won’t cave, won’t cater to emotional whims when she knows how strong I am. . . . → Read More: Vulnerable yet Strong, Knowing yet Empty

My Healing with Leeann

…the hour or so I lay with LeeAnn’s special things placed around me and on me goes by in a flash. Afterward I heard about the entity… . . . → Read More: My Healing with Leeann

In need of advice…


“In need of advice” is the title of an email I received recently. Not unusual, when you consider what I do in the world. But this request was different. It wasn’t about clearing an entity or healing a broken relationship. This person, let’s call her Mary, needed help navigating anxiety. Here is our (edited) . . . → Read More: In need of advice…