The Get-Away Plan

Years ago I was complaining to a friend, mostly because he was complaining to me. His life was troubled; job trouble, marriage trouble, money trouble and trouble of the teenage kind times two. I listened as Randy (pseudonym) talked about wanting to leave, just take off and go live in the desert where he could be alone and trouble free.

The desert? That’s interesting, I thought. I had an idea of running away, escaping from my life and becoming something totally different. My idea was to go and live outside of Santa Fe, like Georgia O’Keefe. I would paint shocking things, be grumpy and eccentric and have horses. People could talk and I wouldn’t care at all. It was my secret Get-Away Plan.

Recently, during a reading, Sheila (another pseudonym) tells me she is feeling low and overwhelmed. We talk a bit and Sheila confesses that she would like to travel for six months, just leave everything and travel.

Sometimes, when I am channeling and the guides are speaking their wisdom, my mind perks up. This is one of those times. Suddenly, after many years, I was receiving wisdom about The Get-Away Plan.

The guides asked Sheila how she would feel if she were traveling far and wide. They asked her who she would meet, what interactions would take place and, again, how she would feel. With every answer Sheila became more and more open, until it became obvious that it wasn’t travel that Sheila wanted, it was peace. She related her current life to chaos, and her ideal Get-Away Plan with peace.

While traveling, Sheila (a gifted intuitive) pictured herself continuing to help people. Instead of appointments with clients and stringent schedules, she saw serendipitous connections with fulfilling conclusions. Sheila talked of easy movements, adventures, and less responsibility. The guides steered Sheila away from her Get-Away Plan and into how she wanted to feel. Sheila realized that she desired peace more than she wanted to travel.

In Sheila’s life, we discovered that she had strong intentions to create success in her work by using the old nose-to-the-grindstone attitude. And, there was one more significant issue; Sheila was asking/wanting/focusing/manifesting without pause.

When we focus continually on creating it is very much like pushing, and the Universe will push back. Do you like to be pushed? Most of us don’t; we don’t like to be pushed, shoved or forced. We very much enjoy gentle guidance.

Later, I looked at my Get-Away Plan. What feeling was I after in my secluded life? I designed the plan when I had three kids at home; maybe I wanted less responsibility. In a world without responsibility, I could be creative all day long. I also see that my Get-Away Plan created a place to live without criticism or heavy responsibility. Very interesting. How would that feel? Wonderful! So I ask the Universe to help me feel comfortable with responsibility and also to let my creative talent flow!

You can apply this idea to your Get-Away Plan, if you have one. Think about what the ideal, imaginary life would bring you. Focus on the conclusion, and then ask your guides to bring that exact thing to you.

To stay in balance, Sheila was encouraged to ask for what she wanted and then let it go. We can all learn to be patient by praying for something and then waiting for Divine timing to open and bless us. We are, after all, the Divine creators; why not trust ourselves and the Oneness we represent.

Happy Creating,


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