The New Gratitude List

I heard something in a reading.

This may seem like an odd statement, considering I was the one giving the reading, but it’s true. During sessions, I feel as if I am talking and listening at the same time. What I “hear” may not jive with what I say…

Weekly, on my Ho’oponopono conference call two friends and I put all of our dislikes in first person and clean on them. (Clean is a Ho’oponopono term that means to release, heal and clear.) Making a list of complaints felt out of balance, so we decided to create another list, a gratitude list.

After some months of this, I noticed that my gratitude list looked the same, or nearly the same, every week. Then, like I mentioned before, I learned something interesting during a reading. I learned that if you want something to replace what you have, express detailed gratitude about what is already there. I was willing to try, besides its creative and I am always up for something creative.

Here is how my list evolved. Instead of saying, I am grateful for my home. I wrote:
I am grateful for my beautiful home.

-my ability to create comfort
-my style
-my love of color
-art and things to decorate with

Instead of saying, I am grateful for my friends and family, I wrote:
I am grateful for my people.

-family, friends and witnesses
-smiles and invites
-laughter, compliments and memories

Instead of simply saying, I am grateful for my body, I added:
-walking, moving, motion, running, transmuting, digesting
-grace, ease, agility, movement, vision, hearing, taste
-toenails to polish, ears to pierce
-eyes and teeth and lips and smiles

And my other two subjects:

My material life:
-my items and love of items
-art and hand made things
-my abundance of clothes and dishes and jewelry and supplies

My mind:
-senses to know things
-humor, wit, memory, curiosity
-emotion, wisdom, understanding, consciousness, grace and tact
-optimism, perspective, peace, patience

My cleaning subject that day was fear. I took a gratitude look at fear, using each body as a building block. The home, material and body lists represent my physical body. The people list represents my emotional body and the mind list is all about my mental body. My spiritual body representation is sprinkled throughout the lists.

After reading my lists, I felt a significant shift. It was as if the Universe received my gratitude more thoroughly. This idea expanded when I tried to explain it to my friends. This sentence came out of my mouth (thank you guides!):

“Want is not an invitation; it is a statement of lack.”

If you study Esther Hicks/Abraham stuff, then you know we have to get into the thought vortex of what we are creating, not what we leave behind. Does anyone have the bumper sticker that says, “Thoughts create, pick the good ones”?

If you look at yourself, how you think, how you create you might want to jump up and down. Yes, get excited because everything in your life is a creation, and YOU created it! Every abundance, compliment, gift and every single smile. All created by you. Think of how amazing you are (make a list); think of your home and belongings (make a list). Now think of your physical abilities, your intelligence and your consciousness. Did you make a list?

Want is not an invitation; it is a statement of what is not present. By wanting, we are actually affirming the missing ingredients of our lives. I am training myself to think, “wouldn’t that be nice” or “that would make me so happy”, instead of “I want”. Do I want things? Yes. Of course. But the reason I want is because these things aren’t here, which means I am focusing on the absent and I am neglecting what is here. At least I was. Now I stand in appreciation, in gratitude and as my own witness. Thank you and amen.

As my friend DS says, neediness acts as a repellant and deterrent. It has a stench, people don’t like it, I don’t like it. Gratitude is magnetic; it’s a sweet perfume that is lofty and ethereal and safe. I love gratitude.

Now the amusing part, I learned of this from a reading, I heard the guides talk to someone about it. But when I discussed this newly found gift with my client, she didn’t remember it. She didn’t hear what I heard. Another thing to be grateful for! I love my guides, angels, Ascended Masters, archangels and all the ethereal helpers. I am grateful and I really do love gratitude.

It begins with me,



PS: If you love gratitude, read this: Good God/dess I’m Grateful!!

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