Was it Mark Twain that coined “Fleeting Truth”?

Sometimes I have interactions with clients in which I am healed. The following is a sweet realization about truth, or what we believe to be truth in a moment.

This is a highly edited letter from a personal friend seeking spiritual guidance:

Dear Holly,

… my boss claimed financial hardship … but I think she could not handle my fearless, direct assessment and evaluation of her and the business. We had agreed to found our business relationship upon “TRUTHFULNESS” and I asked her if it was a two-way street to which she enthusiastically replied, “Yes, of course!!!”

Well, with hindsight, I think she could not and did not want to handle my honesty. So I’m out of there. I was sad because she promised I would be part of the expansion of the business… I think she could not and did not want to handle my honesty… my truth…

So my heart is sad. I am pushing away sorrow and thoughts of failure… tempting me to go into ‘poor me, little victim’ mode.

I would love to speak with you. Much love and light, (name withheld)


Immediately I felt the presence of my guides. My friend was hurting and frustrated. I grounded, connected to Source and typed this reply:

Dear (Friend),

When you hurt, I hurt. Yet, I am reluctant to be truthful with you because I fear my version of truth could cause you further pain. Would you say bring it on? Give it to me? Would you fight to hear it?

I think you would… so here it is…

This is my truth in this moment: All truths are just that, truths. But, they are fleeting. They are born of an angle, an approach, history/memories, perspective and ideal. Two opposites can both be true. Two polarities can be stretched to opposite ends of reality and still, both are true.

So when you claim people reject you for your truth, I wonder. Is it the rejection of your truth or your inability to accept theirs?

Aren’t both equally important?

I say this only because I see a pattern. And because I see it, I ask for clearing for myself, I must be equally responsible for its existence. So, thank you for showing that piece of myself. Thank you for being brave and ferocious, kind and gentle. Thank you, I love you…. H.


When I consider fleeting truth I see places in myself where I stand on an opinion. It’s like a mountaintop from which I scream some reality. The moment seems so clear. My description is crisp, obvious and absolute.

There are many mountaintops from my past. I no longer believe so many things that I thought were true at one point. It helps me now, as I grow spiritually to realize that beliefs might change. I can gracefully move into a new realization (usually) by releasing past belief systems.

Like my friend, from the letter above, it’s very easy to move into defense and want to claim our truth, make another person wrong. Meanwhile, the other person claims there version of the truth. Hindsight shines brightly on those learning experiences, in many cases illuminating situations as soulful creations helping us to learn.

Have you seen the bumper sticker that reads: OH NO! Not another learning experience! A friend gave me a card once, the front says: Is willing to accept that she creates her own reality except for some of the parts where she can’t help but wonder what the hell she was thinking.

My guides sometimes call our belief systems, “BS”. Ha! Doesn’t that just sum it up? Belief system… still cracks me up.

Blessings on your journey of truth,




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