If you have been keeping up with me on Social Media, then you know that I moved to a lake house in Florida. My husband retired and he wanted to live on the water. We are blessed with birds, wildlife, and very special trees.
I am not retired. In fact, I am very close to publishing a third book. This one is the first of a series of fiction stories that take place around 1100ad in the Middle East. Creating this “baby” was not like my other two books. I wrote it through meditation! Crazy, right? But it’s true and I hope you are a reader so you can let me know your thoughts.
I am still doing readings and working with clients. Here are some things that are strong currents for me and my clients right now:
-there’s a strong narrative about control.
The funny thing about control is you can’t exactly resist it. Resistance triggers a mental response which can have a nearly identical frequency to control. When you see* control, back away so that you can detach and examine the situation. More of a desist than resist. You can be strong by not participating in the struggle.
*By “see” I mean PAY ATTENTION. You will “see” things before you experience them. You are that advanced spiritual being that will give yourself a chance to learn before you step into the muck. If you see it, it is happening to you as well. We are all One.
-people want to resist.
See above. ; ) Learn your superpower and use it. If you are a whistle blower, go for it. If not, learn about your abilities and use them. For instance: if your ability is to change frequencies, you will need to meditate/ground/connect with the I Am. (Hint: read that last part again.)
-we love our opinions.
From the time we are young we are taught to pic a favorite color, cartoon, movie, etc. Now we are asked: mask or no mask? Pandemic or plandemic? And the worst: which party do you favor? For years I have told people that I am a replublicrat. I walk the fence. My guides told me that you could put 100 people in a room, choose any subject, and ask them to pick EXTREME SIDE A, EXTREME SIDE B or somewhere in the middle. Most people will choose the middle area, we aren’t all or nothing folks. We like a little of this and a little of that. Just look at our DNA. We are a wonderful mix of beliefs and blood and history. So when it comes to opinions, I try to look around and see why I need one. What does it serve? And will it matter to me in a year?
-what is my purpose?
Are you feeling lost? Not sure what your purpose is? What a wonderful question! When people ask this, I feel so fortunate because Spirit brings in the BIG light. The reflective Light. Your purpose? It’s mystical, magical, important, and essential! But it may not be what you thought. You are from Light, you answered a Clarion Call from Mother Gaia/Earth and incarnated to help bring Light to this planet. That means that in order to fulfill your purpose, you need to ground more, connect to Creator as much as possible and BE in your life. Love the third dimension as much as you love the fifth. Honor those that struggle by being your own Divine Light as a multi-dimensional being. Make your choices: be what makes you happy. Life, love, laugh. Cliche`, right? But SO TRUE.
There is a challenge right now. Your Light is needed to bring peace. Be it, shine it. Radiate and love on your people.
If I can be of service: call/text/write.
Sending love and gratitude to you,


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