I am home from a week in paradise. The 27th Annual World Congress on Illuminationpcr.mandala.1 was held at Loews-Vantana Resort, Tucson, Arizona, August 10-15. Patricia Cota-Robles (PCR) does not announce who will present, or what musicians will grace the stage; nor does she over advertise or make promises. You won’t hear, “You WILL heal and clear”, or any other new age hope. Yet Patricia is new age. In fact, her organization is the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, a non-profit she started with Kay Meyer before “new age” was a popular nomenclature.  If you are to attend anything hosted by Patricia it will be because you listened to a personal message, an inspiration, your heart’s call. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Patricia hosts this event, with the help of many volunteers, by listening to her spiritual guides which she refers to as the Company of Heaven. The by-line for this seminar: The Portal of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love. It’s a mouthful, but if you have ever listened to PCR (try youtube.com) then you know that she can grace through the wordiest prayer, the deepest gratitude statement or the most remarkable jumble of God-words you’ve ever heard as if she is relaxing on the beach. It did seem like the beach. pcr.mandala.4August in Tucson, Patricia’s home town, with temperatures over one hundred degrees. But the real heat was in the Grand Kiva conference room, under the Universal Light of the I Am Presence.

When my friend, Diana, said, “I am going this year!” I thought, how can I make this work? I have wanted to attend a World Congress with PCR for years. I talked to my husband (that covert-lightworking, wife-grounding force of man!) and offered that this could be my mother’s day/birthday/anniversary present. He agreed. Yay! Excitement does not begin to describe my feeling. I felt pulled, I yearned for this gathering and I was so ready.

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