Hello Dear Ones!

If you made a list of every type of energy reaction, that would be what I have heard about eclipse energy. My guides gave one of my classes a message about the coming Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Their words were not what I expected:

-some of us are holding the doors open for others, if you think you are in that group consider yourself working on and before the eclipse so much that you may need a break

-on the day of the eclipse, do something normal: write what you like about yourself, think about your grounding cord, do a light raising

-old paradigms will be leaving during this opportune time, you may feel significant energy shifts for days before and after the eclipse

-you’re holding a wonderful frequency of Light, please know that your (light) work is appreciated, it echoes through the ethers 

-what helps you be spiritual is to love what you are doing, there is no Divine recipe to enhance your frequency, love is the quickest way

And the final message:

“From the time you awaken on this planet you are taught not to love yourself. You don’t need to lose weight or get shorter or taller, drive a specific car or do anything for us to love you. We love you because you are a cellular replication of the I Am Presence.”

Wow. This message hit a bulls-eye on my forehead! In my heart, I feel the appropriateness of being still and using skills I have learned over the past twenty years so that I remain grounded.

You may feel like you are on a path of learning, that you need to find something, become better. Maybe meditate more, live healthier, make better choices. Even if all of those statements are true, they are not your Truth.

Your Truth is that you are a beloved aspect of Christ Consciousness Light.

You have accomplished and learned lessons that make you an important part of future Earth. Your work may be to find stillness and sit. Appreciate every mountain you have climbed, every rock you have clung to in desperation while old ideas released. Remember when you cleaned up family dynamics? Or you loved someone through their process?

The opportunity on Monday (plus or minus) is to stop your agenda for a few days. Play with the idea that you are finished, complete and it’s time to reflect. For just a moment push aside want and bask in the glow of what you are now.

Feel the accomplishment of how you created such a beautiful being.

If you find difficulty doing this, here is a task: Ask someone to help. A friend or family member can remind you of your charms, good deeds and hard work. (If they don’t, just look for another person. Some may not be able to join the love at this time. Hold the door for them, they will get there.)

We have a grand opportunity here, and I know you are up for the task.

It is time to ignore advertising and suggestions that you need to change. Bow down before the proverbial mirror, Divine Being. For you are the essence of Light you have been searching for.

Blessing to you,



Blog Post about the “proverbial mirror“: https://lightworkersalliance.com/healer-healing-thyself-divine-accordance-excerpt-p-216/

(Credit to AlliBrook.com for taking such wonderful notes. Thank you!)





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