On page 216 of Divine Accordance, I write about balance between mind and ego. Spirit says, “Now is the time to bow down before the proverbial mirror.”  The first time I heard this, I was trying to express humble gratitude to my guides. They would bow to me when I bowed to them. It seemed as if they would not accept my appreciation, my respect.

I learned (not quite as fast as I would have liked) that I could not love them, or anyone, more than I loved mySelf. Love is not a pine-cone from a tree. I can’t pick it up and give it to them. Nor is it a precious ruby that I saved years for, a coveted/valuable item that I can present to prove my devotion and service.

No, love isn’t what I thought it was.



Healer, Love Thyself Enough to Want to Heal Thyself

This chapter could have come with warning label. Something akin to, “Your Surgeon General has determined that reading prayers and processing through healing may be dangerous to your ego’s controlling health.”

When we are out of balance, our ego/mental bodies love to snatch up the reigns and take over our lives. This is not the time to hate. Love that enormous ego to pieces. Love it; appreciate it; tell it that it’s smart and resourceful. Because it is. Tell your ego that you won’t live without it, but that you crave balance. Make up jobs for your ego, like choosing healthy foods or balancing your checkbook. Your mental body is an innate part of your being: a blessed, beautiful part of you.

Now is the time to bow down before the proverbial mirror. Ask yourself if you can allow frequencies of self-love and understanding to be the guardians of your judgment. Even though it’s not easy to control the negative voice inside, have patience and faith. You may have issues to process. Through our DNA; we are genetically connected to all past relations. We also work through archetypal influences, which are our past lives, and guess where that information is held? In our DNA. That means you are not only connected to your blood relations, you are scientifically encoded to everyone. You were born with genetic and archetypal connections waiting for a high enough frequency to begin healing. These are known as codes of light. I read a great book called The Lineage of the Codes of Light[1] that helped me understand what I can do to heal my lineage.

Processing, clearing and healing can be done regardless of dimension or time. That is why Lightworkers find such difficulty working through their issues. Imagine your guides saying, “You are dealing with rejection in your life right now. Do you mind if we add rejection from a few past lives and have a thread of it carried through from your mother’s family?” Face it, if you are clearing and doing your own personal Lightwork, you are working hard. At the spiritual buffet, two distant relatives just gave you their helping of say… misogyny, and now you’re the healer everyone relies on to get the job done. (Women can carry misogyny, it’s in the DNA.) Similar to when you need three items from the store and you come home with two full bags; some jobs grow as we attempt them. But guess what? You can do it, I know you can.

Even at your clearest, most centered moment, you will probably have flashes of judgment; and sometimes that is good. We use judgment every day, however, it can be helpful when done with love. Don’t you judge when to involve yourself in a conversation? Or when you decide which road to take on your way to work? I refer to this type of judgment as assessment; a talent we want to keep. The berating, belittling voice is what needs to be stifled. It’s time for all of us to be free of negative judgment, especially self-judgment. This is a helpful analogy, which came through for a client, “Pretend you have an Angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are both talking to you. Knock the little devil off.”

To whom would you rather listen—your inner hater or your inner lover? Pick love! We are on an astounding, wonderful, guided, spiritual path. And each of us, through our personal trials and tribulations, has covered some ground. However, until it’s all about love, we will keep learning how to honor and appreciate ourselves until we wake up one morning, bow before the mirror, kneel before poverty and serve our peers; which, don’t forget, are us. We are One.

Imagine a world of self-love. Could you be an example of perfection in every evolving moment? Our next prayer is part of the evolution of self-love, heart-centeredness and Divine knowing. Use it often.


Appreciate Self Prayer

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is; show me the way to self-appreciation. I ask for assistance in seeing and understanding my value. As I walk this path of learning that I Am, please help me to release anything in the way. Please show me where I shine and how I Am an aspect of the Divine Force that holds all. As I Am in service to the Light, help me to feel forgiveness when I am harsh to others or myself. Please assist this release on all levels, through all time and space.

Thank you and Amen.



[1] Jessie Ayani writes incredible books about Light. The Lineage of the Codes of Light, Heart of the Sun, 1998. Also recommended, Brotherhood of the Magi, Heart of the Sun, 2002.

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